What grade do you give Lifetime's 'Liz & Dick'?
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  • ABC - 8 years ago

    I only caught a few minutes of the film, here and there, over its 2 hour length -- and even that was painful. Mr. Grant Bowler is a very talented actor and captured the essence of Richard Burton and his gigantic appetites masterfully. Ms. Lindsay Lohan, unfortunately, was a joke and it was on us. She made no attempt whatsoever at capturing Elizabeth Taylor's throaty British accent. At times, you thought it was a junior high student stumbling through an over the top prima dona stereotype. I trust the producers of this tripe, very much aware of Ms. Lohan's rather troubled recent history, got her services at a bargain because "cheap" is the best way to describe this docu-drama. The Taylor-Burton love affair is worth a serious treatment on the big screen, with serious talent to match. When that happens, I'll stay for the entire "affair."

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