Is it OK for companies to require employees to get flu shots?


  • Marlene Nottage - 10 years ago

    Just got out of the hospital after 30 days,12 in ICU, sedated and tubed,2 wks in rehab and still going all from the flu shot. Got sick 3 days later, went to Dr.,gave me cough med, end of week in ambulance in ER, couldn't breathe, lungs and throat starting to paralyze,almost died. All from the flu shot, diagnosed Guillian Barre Miller Fisher syndrome. People beware, fight the flu, DON't take the flu shot, not if you want to live!

  • Tim - 10 years ago

    Just say it's against your religion and then they can't force you to get it

  • terry - 10 years ago

    Read up on the vacine its not all that and then some . And Carol being a heath care employee and having a flu shot will not stop a person from spreading it when you go from room to room unless you change clothes shower and even then good luck !!!! So being a healthcare person you should know out the window with that bull ... just saying. If you are young or old get the shot...

  • Kim Burrell - 10 years ago

    I had a flu shot when ,I was in my twentys. I was sick for a week. My cousin just recently had to take this flu shot for her job. She has been in and out of the hospital for two weeks now. Just not fair to force someone to take this shot. You just don't know ,how it is going to affect this person. I will not take one. My life is more important!

  • Pam - 10 years ago

    I have worked in health care for 24yrs and with the public all my life.I have never gotten the flu .I sigh a waiver every year.I believe if it's not broke don't try to fix it.I don't believe in putting harmful stuff in my body.

  • TIm - 10 years ago

    This is a public health issue. How quickly people forget history. In the early 1900s a Flu epidemic killed tens of thousands of people.

    Also, we require our kids to be vaccinated or they cannot attend public school. What is the difference?

  • edra - 10 years ago

    no one should be forced to put sickness into their research on the flu shot.
    investigate very well. what I have found is that the flu shot is a population control device and within 10 to 15 years will develop brain tumors and cancer. we all need to be more aware of things. we just assume that we are safe.someone has a certificate and we let them shoot whatever into our bodies .

  • Carol Shively Mizes - 10 years ago

    It is also required at MetroHealth for employees and volunteers. The only people who are exempt are those that can show proof from their doctors that they are allergic to eggs or for some reason really cannot take the vaccine. Then those documents are reviewed by a person/committee to see if it's legitimate. The issue is that Health Care workers often come to work sick OR can spread the disease even before symptoms arise (unknowingly) and spread it from patient to patient.

    Just FYI, I am on vacation today and NOT sending this message from work!
    Have a great day.

  • beth - 10 years ago

    It is not for the employee, it is for the safety of the patients. They are already sick and if an employee exposes them to the flu it could be deadly. You can not get sick from the injection it is not a live virus. If you get sick within 2 weeks after getting the shot, it means you were already exposed to the flu, because it take 2 weeks for the vaccine to become effective.

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