Do you think Michael Jordan should have been banned from the golf course for wearing cargo shorts?

  • Lgmember - 9 years ago

    I have been a member at Lagorce for 20 years. Rules are Rules , I may not like the fact that there is a strict dress code for the club but that is what the majority rules so we abide by those rules. There are regular people at Lagorce and those who can buy and sell MJ but the fact of the matter is we are the members who bring guests and the member who did not inform MJ was wrong not to let him know about the strict rules. Just because your famous doesnt mean your S _ _T doesnt stink. MJ has visited the club many many times and I am sure that he knew what he was doing . I invited another famous basketball player and he was wearing cargo shorts and his shirt was untucked. This famous person was asked to abide by the rules and he did. He may not have liked it but he did as he was asked and he still can play at the club. MJ thinks that it is the clubs loss, well MJ you have many freinds at the club and now you cant enjoy them because you were to good for everyone else. Just because you have money doesnt mean that you have class. Class is showing that you respect people and their rules. The way I look at it show some class and dont think that money can by you respect. You put your underwear and socks on the same way everyone else does and just because you have money doesnt mean you are better than everyone else. You are human just like the rest of mankind show some class.

  • Nina - 9 years ago

    Mike you became to Big for you Britches, You were alright when you were ordinary Mike!...What about the Ex???? you left her behind for what?.....

  • Unknown - 9 years ago

    Maybe before he became so famous he would have stay nice mike and treated his wife a little nicer before he became a big shot and forgot where he came from?....They showed him that his money did'nt mean a thing its only green! get back in your place Mike! Nigro

  • GT - 9 years ago

    Personally, I feel that, Michael Jordan is too professional, famous, important, well-known, experienced, and a career manand too not understand or abide by the rles of the Golf club. Michael knew what the rules were, he just wanted to see if he could be above the rules, possibly to change them. But, rules are established to set certain standards for the club, and if Michael had a club and had certain rules established for his club, he woudn't let anyone who did not abide by those rules enter his club. So, he should respect the rules of the club, the same as he would expect others to respect his rules for his business, or his club or find somewhere else to gulf that don't have rules.

  • menglish - 9 years ago

    b short are b shorts! I think they just didn't like the c pattern! That's like banning the military!

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