Is forcing teenage boys to hold hands publicly an appropriate school punishment?


  • hadyen - 10 years ago

    mariage is between a man and woman. gay relationships are a waste of time

  • April - 10 years ago

    I think the Principle to a bold step into giving the boys a choice, They could have chosen suspension, but hey chose to not have to leave school for days which would have hurt them grade wise. The thing now to do is to gather the ones that do the bullying and maybe give them the same options and lets see what they would chose?

  • Henry - 10 years ago

    The suggestion that holding hands has now become the symbol of homosexuality is deeply offensive to children of other cultural backgrounds

  • Harris Shirley - 10 years ago

    The whole point being missed is this; the boys were given a choice and freely chose this option. They could have as easily chosen a suspension. The principal did this the right way.

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