Was the holding hands punishment disrespectful to gay people?

  • Delphrano - 8 years ago

    i voted NO...but maybe, in the sense that i don't like CACs answering for me if they think certain nigga-shit is disrespectful....maybe gay niggas wouldn't like heteros answering for them? i like titty-balls, not nigga-balls....some shit is only gay because niggas bring it up in a gay manner...when i first heard the story i didn't even think of it in that aspect....maybe a gay nigga should be asked this question.

  • Mr. French - 8 years ago

    While I don't think this was disrespectful to LGBT's, I do think it was kind of stupid. When I fought my brother alot we had to shake hands and squash it in front of our parents but c'mon unless they had to wear dresses to school or dress as drag queens how is it disrespectful? If you're gay you pretty much know it and everybody else pretty much knows it unless you trying to hide it. Besides they had a choice to get expelled or not.

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