Was it the right time, place for a gun control debate?


  • Fadi - 10 years ago

    I'm fine with people debating gun control, but Bob/CBS shouldn't have used his position to have a one sided debate. Even when the President goes on the air to give his state of the union address, the other side is given a chance to express their opinion.

  • Rhonda - 10 years ago

    Why is the blame on the gun? The gun didn't kill anyone!!! The man behind the gun is sorely responsible!!!

  • MARY WEST - 10 years ago

    Bob Costas: You sir are a true idiot. I have had the highest respect for you overt the years. Now I have zero respect for you and any opinion you may ever give in the future. Millions of law abiding gun owners need to not only protect themselves from loosers like Jovan Belcher but also need to protect our rights to own and bear arms from idiots like you Bob. If Jovan had his warped mind made up to kill his girlfriend, he would have killed her by any means he had available. It happened to be a gun that he had available. He would have used any means available. A knife, bat, tire iron, vehicle, rope. Too bad you had to express your opinion on gun controll from your warped mind Bob. Millions of people will never respect or believe anything that comes out of your mouth again. Matter of fact most will switch the channel and never listen to you again no matter what show you are on. You should educate yourself on the facts before making stupid remarks that are total lies in the future fefore opening your big mouth and making a total fool out of yourself.

  • Dan McGlaun - 10 years ago

    You can be 100% certain that Bob Costas owns more firearms than you can count, to protect the vast wealth that he has been blessed with - because he knows the truth. However, he considers himself the superior of every other American, and therefore able to spew leftist dogma to those who chose to continue watching the game that made him rich. His comments are inane, disingenuous, obnoxious, misplaced, counter-factual, obfuscatory, and in a more sane age would be considered treasonous. But he has bought into the mantra of those who hate the USA, and feels he knows what is best for the rest of us. All while he protects himself and his.

    Despicable. Hateful. Hypocritical. Rude. Incongruous. Anti-American. Evil.

  • Frank Maston - 10 years ago

    Our gun culture is nuts. I have no problem with guns for hunting, target shooting, or work-related activities like ranching, and I own and use long guns. They are just a tool, and they are definitely not a toy. In recent years, however, it's become "fashionable" for lots of people to buy pistols - people who have no legitimate use for them. So, they shoot themselves, they shoot their girlfriends, they shoot someone who yelled at them. Their pistol is just too easy to pull out when they get riled up or drunk. I'm sick of it. We've got to start telling civilians who own pistols for no apparent purpose that they are stupid. The only ones who are laughing are the pistol dealers and the funeral directors.

  • Colin Melott - 10 years ago

    Do we need gun control?
    yes, we need to make sure only people who know how to use a gun properly, safely, and for the right reasons can own a gun. does that mean we regulate guns? no. I have grown up around guns and used them all my life. Its the people who have never been taught to respect the weapon or human life that use guns to do harm.
    If we were living in the middle ages and having this debate, it would not be about guns. it would be about swords and crossbows. go back to ancient times and it would be about spears and bows, go back to prehistoric and we would be talking about clubs and rocks. the debate over gun control is abserd and does not address the real issue. the fact of the matter is, its is easier to kill someone with a knife than with a gun, more efficient still to poisen them, and even if everysingle potential weapon was regulated out of modern society (which is impossible because we rely on weapons, like any other tool they have their use and their purpose, and when used incorrectly they can kill), a human who has the intent to do harm can always rely on the oldest weapons, the ones Cain used to Kill Able, our hands and our brain. Guns are not the problem, people are. when we realize this, then we will start to be able to address the issue.
    Case in point: every soldier who has ever used their government issued firearm on a government sanctioned mission to commit an attrocity against humanity that was unwarented by the situation of combat. Let me be clear, I am not accussing the members of the Armed forces of anything, they are and continue to be the best amoung us and their actions are noble. I am accussing the single soldier who for their own selfish reasons whether it be revenge, greed, or bloodlust takes advantage of the situation they are in to kill inoccents for the same reason a serial killer attacks their victims. My point is this, nobody in their right mind would consider limiting the resources of the United States Military because one Soldier did something haness, like killing civilians in cold blood. control starts with the individual not with the weapon and it should be based on deterance not limitation. We should never punish those who follow the laws and respect humanity for the actions (past, present, or future) of those who do not and will find another way to murder if they can't use a gun.

  • Brian the Lion - 10 years ago

    If you really want to look at it a lil diff. You can thank the terrorism this country has dealt with for the last 50-60 years.
    I guarantee you, at some point in unjustified violence, is JUSTIFIED SELF-DEFENSE!!

  • Brian the Lion - 10 years ago

    UMM Really?? Costas...
    Domestic violence happens with or with out a gun present, purchased, borrowed, or stolen!!
    He could have just as easily used any number of things as a weapon, including his own "Linebacking abilities"!!
    Wake the hell up!!

  • Jonas Webster - 10 years ago

    Maybe if the girl had a gun, she might be alive today.
    The comments Costas made are absurd and ignorant.
    If Costas were to watch a family member being attacked by a 6' 6" 300 lb man, I'd bet he wished he had a gun...

  • Jimmy Walters - 10 years ago

    Same old story, as a gun owner with a concelaed weapons license it is my right to own guns. I realize that my choice in seeing guns as a form or protection as well as a fun weekend hobby sets me out to be judged by those who see the opposite. A gun is a tool like a car, knife, axe and its the person who makes the decision to use it for evil purposes. He is entitled to his own opinion but it seems like bs he decided to use his air time to rant about gun control for his own agenda which was definitely not appropriate at a sporting event. Bad form.

  • Chris Honry - 10 years ago

    Angry wife beaters will always be angry wife beaters unless they seek help and get off the steroids. Owning a handgun DOES make it easier to kill, easier to confront in a violent way.

    WE NEED BOTH: get rid of handguns and discuss the reasons people are so willing to get angry now days and fight or kill.

    Do we need to outlaw boW & arrows too? Where will it end, knives are next? No, we need to examine why so many get violent.

  • Tony Matos - 10 years ago

    Some articles in today's NY Daily News: "Husband Kills Wife with Baseball Bat," "Family hoping authorities will catch killer who slashed throat (with a knife) Red Bull Soccer Coach"

    In addition, Mr. Costas does not for sure whether or not the NFL player or his girlfriend would be alive today were it not for the gun---this is a ludricious "logical" deduction; in all likelyhood he (the murder) would have found another to kill her.

    Lastly, this is the latest in series of NFL player related tragedies...is there a connection to head trauma, i.e., concussions, and these lapse of mental faculties associated with NFL players? Would Mr. Costas then advocate for a ban on NFL football?

  • Brad Meyer - 10 years ago

    Bob Costas should be repremanded for his actions. To think that gun control would have any affect what so ever on this issue or any other gun related problem is quite frankly OBSERD!!! let me say this loud and clear... IF SOMEONE WANTS A GUN, THEY WILL ACQUIRE A GUN NO MATTER WHAT THE LAW STATES. Normal law obiding citizens are not the problem and should NOT be pressumed quilty prior to any tragic event taking place. He could have strangled her, stabbed her, hung her or anything else he could have thought up. Bob Costas is a representative of NBC and I hold both responsible for his actions. You want less gun related tragedies, then place a gun in every law obiding citizens home and I gaurentee less Break ins and less victim deaths. If you make the choice to break in my house, I'll make the choice to put two in your chest!!

  • jeep - 10 years ago

    We should make cars illeagle because we all know that cars make people drive dunk just think of the lives that would be saved if cars were illeagle. While we are at it lets get rid of spoons as well because spoons make people fat. Lets ban knives also just think of how many people we can keep from being stabbed

  • cs - 10 years ago

    He's the LOLA of football broadcasters....once promising and now obsolete. It was obvious that he had worked up his comments, but delivered awkwardly.

  • Rodger Van Norton - 10 years ago

    If Costas wants to opine on current events, fine. To make it a meaningful debate, it would've made more sense to have someone speak from the other side of the subject. But then, Costas and his type can't convince a majority of law-abiding citizens that their side is correct. He has to rely on emotion and when faced with facts his argument doesn't hold up. This was the only forum he had to present his argument where no one could point out the factual inaccuracies. He had no choice.

  • Perry - 10 years ago

    Guns do not kill people, ignorant people kill people using guns (knifes/bats/ hammers, etc.). We have a lot of gun laws on the books and do not enforce the ones we have, so start there before you make new ones that you can't enforce. No matter what you do the criminals will always have guns and continue to buy them illegally. So by enforcing stricter guns laws will only make the law abiding citizens suffer the consequences and therefore more apt to be a victim of a crime.
    Bob should stick to sports!!

  • Keenan Howard - 10 years ago

    In addition to my earlier comment. My question to all you illogical anti gun people is this. If a person is going to break the law, to commit murder, do you really think he/she will obey the law to not use or abtain a gun? I know a dozen poeple within a block of here that own unregistered guns and if you think for one minute that a law to ban guns is going to remove gun availabillity to someone hell bent on causing harm, then you are absolutely clueless

  • Keenan Howard - 10 years ago

    Using the NFL platform to spew his own personal uneducated views about gun control is pathetic and appalling. Drunk drivers in cars kill innocent people should we ban cars as well? Your logic to blame this on a gun that can do nothing without a persons control is absurd. If this is your logic then we can lump in cars. knives, baseball bats, or how about even a rope that someone uses to strangle someone. Lets get real and get your heads out of your tails.

  • Paul Pitlyk - 10 years ago

    Costas had the fortitude to represent a voice that must be heard if control of firearms is to be appreciated in this country.

  • Mike Brown - 10 years ago

    And here is another opinion. This POS just killed a young mother! And all you hear are people talking about the loss of this seeming great guy, trying to understand the mental side of this 'tragedy'... I am glad he took a bullet! In our 'read a book and let's all talk it out' society, he would have gotten less than he deserved. One less POS taxpayers have to care for!

  • Randy Foster - 10 years ago

    Bob Costas should focus on the pressures that drove this young man to kill his girlfriend and then himself. The tool he used to carry out his tragic act is not at all relevant, and had he not possessed a gun, he would have used something else, as did the person at Casper College in Wyoming.

    It defies explanation that seeming intelligent people claim that guns kill people. People that kill people. It doesn't get any more simple than that.

  • Mike Brown - 10 years ago

    Costas is no different than the other 'talking heads', to include Hollywood idiots with shows/platforms. They get so much sunshine blown up their ass they can not help but believe their opinions matter to the rest of us. Here is an opinion. Hey Costas, you little jock monkey, we just want to hear you introduce us to people that actually understand the sport we are trying to watch, and get their opinion on the game. Giving us THAT is what allows you to feed your family, nothing else.

  • Rex Yelmur - 10 years ago

    Since Costas remarks were on NBC during a HIGHLY televised program, one can only assume that his remarks and NBC's thoughts are one in the same. Costas, you have outlived your usefullness. Goodbye!
    Thank you

  • Richard Coe - 10 years ago

    After Bob Costas made his statement, my duaghter and I looked at each other in disbelief -- a sports commentator was actually making an intelligent, thoughtful statement on a tragic event that happened in the sporting world. Kudos to Bob. Every citizen should ask themselves if they agree with Jason Whitlock's belief that if Javon did not have a gun, he and Kasandra would be alive today. That is a necessary first step in trying to figure out how we can prevent such tragedies in the future. It does not presuppose any specifice policy recommendation, one way or another.

  • keith - 10 years ago

    Bob Costas should be lecturing anyone. He does not speak for the American people. If you, Mr. Costas wants to jump into the political ring I think he is smart enough to figure out how to get that done. It's just another example of the elite media trying to influence how people should feel or act towards incidents that occur from time to time in society. No one tunes in for you Costas hard to believe for your ego.

  • robert e - 10 years ago

    costas should dry up and leave my rights alone. you will find alot of guns in maine.

  • KeninTexas - 10 years ago

    This is typical of these TV personalities. They think that they are all knowing and everyone should bow down to their opinion since they know best. But it's just that, it's only their opinion but they have a platform which they take advantage of by blabbering their rants for all to hear, mostly themselves.

  • Richard Herrman - 10 years ago

    Too many news castors and tv personalities use their air time for their personal opinions and not simply reporting the facts of the news. Guns do not kill people only misshandling of a gun or killers kill people. Most of the guns in the bad guys hands are stolen or black market guns anyway. Out lawing guns will only increase the profit of the black marketeer and the criminal.

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