Who should host The Amazing Race Canada?

Posted 6 years.


  • Brett H - 5 years ago


  • andrew - 6 years ago

    Terry Grant (the Mantracker)

  • Melissa - 6 years ago

    Anyone but Ben Mulroney. He's terrible. I deliberately don't watch Red Carpet shows that he's on. He's awkward, says designer names wrong and spends most of his time fawning over the celebrities rather than asking interesting questions. Can't stand his on screen style/mannersisms.

    Phil would be great but I agree Rick Mercer would be amazing. He knows Canada and Canadians, he hilariously funny and would represent our country beautifully. RICK MERCER all the way.

  • Templelena nugent - 6 years ago

    Has to be Phil just has to be

  • Suzy - 6 years ago

    Devon Sawa!! 100% He's hot, he's entertaining, he's attractive, he's funny, he's gorgeous, he'd just be a great change, and sure would make me want to watch the show. Hell, if he were host, I might even apply for the show and use that as a reason to kick my old habits, and kick some ass at the same time :)

  • Crusty - 6 years ago

    Jay On'Rait

  • Tracy - 6 years ago

    I say Jeff Hutchison from Canada AM or Seamus O'Reagan

  • Tracy Aulbrook - 6 years ago

    I say Jeff Hutchison from Canada AM or Seamus O'Reagan

  • Barb - 6 years ago

    Phil Phil Phil! I love Phil. The great thing about Phil is he doesn't try to steal the spotlight. He's warm and genuine and you just want to take him home. He doesn't come off as one of those slick TV presenters (aka Ben Mulroney). Phil Phil Phil!

  • Lola - 6 years ago

    Mr. D!

  • Mirliisa - 6 years ago

    Andrew Younghusband (from Canada's worst driver). He's hilarious and is a little like Phil.

  • Cindy - 6 years ago

    If its not Phil it needs to be an iconic Canadian, such as: Bryan Adams, Rick Mercer, Anne Murray, Bob & Doug McKenzie, Don Cherry/Ron MacLean/Brian Williams, Chris Hadfield/Roberta Bondar or Rita Mc Neil.
    Or whoever says "eh" the most. ;)

  • Sandra - 6 years ago

    Howie Mandell......or anyone but Ben Mulroney!

  • FRANKLIN - 6 years ago


  • Peter Remus - 6 years ago

    How do we see what constitutes other? Have you seen the CTV Canada AM travel contributor? He would be perfect, he's got my vote.

  • Lisa - 6 years ago

    Please not Brian Mulroney. I won't watch it.

  • Kevin - 6 years ago

    LOREN CHRISTIE - he's the perfect mix of knowledge and personality (and a CTV original!)

  • Carrie - 6 years ago

    Loren Christie!!

  • Janice Rowat - 6 years ago

    Loren Christie, Travel Expert, would be the perfect choice! Loren is extremely knowledgable of our country, be it our small rural communities or our big cities. Intelligent, adventurous, handsome, fantastic personality, well liked by everyone - my vote is for Loren!

  • Kathy - 6 years ago

    I think Phil should do it to keep it original, but Rick Mercer really would be awesome at it. He knows our Canada!

  • Gordon Waldner - 6 years ago

    I will not watch if it is Ben Mulroney. Catriona LeMay Doan or Clara Hughes would be excellent.

  • john potwin - 6 years ago

    There is only one choice for the host of Amazing Race Canada and that is Loren Christie the CTV travel editor. He is perfect for the job!

  • Emily - 6 years ago

    Why not keep it like the original?! Vote for Phil

  • Derek Pfeifer - 6 years ago

    why not a normal every day person like me :)

  • Brenda - 6 years ago

    Don Burnstick! it IS our native land.. He is EXTREMELY funny ( comedian well known) and Canadian, he would keep it entertaining and you would never wanna miss an episode! :)

  • Maureen - 6 years ago

    Rick Mercer is my top choice! Please.......

  • Kirsten Brownley - 6 years ago

    Saara Sallinen would be the bestest, most super fantabulous host evahhhhh. The girl is tiny, but full of spunk, great ideas and a creative mind to "kick it" into full force and make the Amazing Race Canada a true success. She puts on on in Parry Sound and the turn out is amazing and if you ask anyone who has taken part in it, they will tell you nothing but great things. I went in it with my son and a friend of mine and her son, "Mamas n' Sonz" and we had a BLAST. Can't wait for next year.
    Saara has the talent and the creativity to pull it off, so I say...VOTE SAARA SALLINEN and you WILL NOT be disappointed.

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