Is Apple Losing Its Edge?


  • Sandman619 - 10 years ago

    Apple isn't losing its edge… but its competitors keep stealing their ideas. Software, as Steve Jobs noted, can be copied quickly. Thus why Apple is so tight lipped about new features. When a new OS version is announced. They focus primarily on features developers need to know to incorporate into their products. Other features, which are strictly user facing, are often revealed when the OS update is released

    Cheers !

  • Brent - 10 years ago

    I would say they are. They have "innovated "exactly 3 sizes of the same device over the past 5 years. Ios6 was stillborn for innovation and they have failed to deliver anything worth mention in the "easy" software space. Search? Payments? Social? All that cash sitting idle...

    Can't wait for iPhone 5s. Let me guess. CPU and a new color.


  • MartinKK - 10 years ago

    No ... Mathilda ... Apple is not losing its edge. They will remain the profitability leader in their field ... which I define as mobile digital lifestyle ... for the foreseeable future. Certainly long enought to attack the next wave of markets ripe for disruption.

    Once you factor out the noise which is merely eyeball candy, beyond all the fuss lies the dry & humorless fact ... every other company in the space or near/adjacent to it would grandly trade places with Apple ... They'd probably all throw in future draft choices as well.


  • Hem - 10 years ago


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