Who was the greatest prime minister - Stephen Harper or John Diefenbaker? (Poll Closed)

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  • Robert McElheran - 9 years ago

    Corporations don't pay taxes.
    They collect taxes and pass them on to governments,thus raising the cost of the services and goods they produce.
    Lower taxes means lower costs to compete on the world market.

  • J - 9 years ago

    Certainly a lot of False support for Harper, and this whole thing has been lopsided from the beginning, Most could list the final 4 on day one, so sad the media plays to the political hand...

    The Sun, from grassroots, to now nothing more than Corporate Garbage, as the Sun now alienates those who allowed it to grow..............

  • Howard - 9 years ago

    Stephen Harper

    has been the best PM in my 55 years the rest pretty much have been useless.

  • M.Vernon - 9 years ago

    The lefty idiots that are anti Harper have not a clue. If he walked on water their spin would be Harper can't swim!

  • Rick Collins - 9 years ago

    These idiots that are bashing diefenbaker and harper, definitely liberal supporters, and have contributed to destroying Canada with the liberal government since diefenbaker and now bashing Harper for the much needed overhaul. These people must be from the east,and the only good things from the east is the sunrise and empty greyhound. Very hard to choose between these 2 pms because Harper has way more problems to deal with than Diefenbaker.Diefenbaker was building Canada,where as Harper has to tear down and rebuild Canada with its values,cultures,and fiscal resposibilities,after 35 yrs of incompetant liberal rule and yes Mulroney was a liberal leading the conservative party and was the worst prime minister country has ever had, with trudeau coming at # 2

  • Fred Baxter - 9 years ago

    Dief killed the Avro in exchange for Bomarc missles with a 200-300 mile range.

    He could shoot a missle from North Bay over Timmins and not much further. A lot of good that would do! For those in the southern province of Ontario, Timmins is 230 miles away from North Bay, the Gateway to the new Northern Ontario province.

  • DJBALL - 9 years ago

    Harper ? is this a joke ?
    He's hands down the worst PrimeMinister in Canadian history destroying our reputation internationally every single day, accept if your Israel or Communist China.

    It's like i'm reading The Onion.

  • Bruce Wilkins - 9 years ago

    Dief's worst thing was he cancelled the Avro Arrow in favor of US Bomarc missiles and in doing so gutted our aerospace industry.

  • G. William Streeter - 9 years ago

    There is no "question" about it. John Deifenbaker was the worst PM this country has had in my 70 years of living and seeing a lot of them.
    He was nothing but a blabbering idiot who loved the sound of his own voice. His own cabinet got turned off by him and defections and early exits were common. I had to go and find work the early 60's during a time that I refer to as the Deifenbaker Depression as business and industry totally lost confidence in him.
    My judgement of PM's is based on the strength of the economy during their tenure. Employment provides wealth and happiness. St. Laurent, Pearson, part of Trudeau's time and Mulroney and Harper can be seen as doing the job from an economic perspective.

  • Hephen Starper - 9 years ago

    Seeing Harper on this list got me all confused. I thought we were voting for the greatest Prime Minister, not the worst.

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    Prime Minister Harper ended the useless long gun registry, reversed the damage the Liberals did to our armed forces, has worked hard to broaded our trading parternships to reduce dependence on the United States, has consistently stood up for what is right on the world state including supporting Israel againt terrorist organizations such as Hamas and has ended the outsourcing of Canada'a foreign policy to the weak and ineffective United Nations. He has been recognized on the world state as the "World Statesmen of the year" and has successfully fought off attempts by environmental extremists to impost another Kyoto-life wealth transfer scheme upon us. Harper is the greatest Canadian Prime Minister in a very long time.

  • M. Moore - 9 years ago

    The Crime Minister cut corporate taxes in half to the lowest in the G20, and the corporations have hoarded the money or invested it overseas, taking jobs out of Canada. On the other hand, he cut the GST which is a consumptive tax, which is the fairest to everyone. If you're not buying goodies , you're not paying taxes, except income tax.

    So by these steps he has shifted the burden from profitable corporations to everyday Canadians.

  • Ken Tart - 9 years ago

    "Stephen Harper introduced the federal Accountability Act which aims to reduce influence on parliament by corporate, union, or large political donations, he reduced the GST and created the veterans' Bill of Rights. He also apologized for the establishment of residential schools."

    What a joke the Sun is. Are these really the things that the Prime Hypocrite has done? Accountability harpo style is to find someone to throw under the bus when he gets caught in his weekly fiascos, and NEVER let the Canadian public know where our money is going (on his spin machine). He created the veterans bill of rights while overseeing the worst treatment of our vets in history. He campaigned for years about the evils of senate appointments, then set a record for the most appointments. He apologized for the creation of residential schools but got a reprimand from the UN for the worst treatment of aboriginals in the world.

    The Sun clearly hates PET, trying to minimize his popularity by pitting him against the most succesful PM in Canadian history. How harpo even got past the first round or evenintot hte running is a huge mystery. Only in the Sun.

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