Who was the greatest prime minister - William Lyon Mackenzie King or Pierre Elliott Trudeau? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 4,767

  • John R. S. - 9 years ago

    trudeau was the very best that Canada ever had. All the rest were thieves

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    Being from the west all we got from Trudeau was the finger. Although he did take Maggie out of the province. Vancouver General didn't need to order a new stomach pump after that.

  • len hguhes - 9 years ago

    yup nice 2 have my 1'st comment omitted,,,thks proof readers,,,that's why this country is in such poor state 2day is the truth is omitted by the trudeau mentallity,,, fuddle duddle

  • len hughes - 9 years ago

    sorry did the truth become spam,,,u good ol boys must have voted 4 the goat,,,judges

  • Ray Cardinal - 9 years ago

    I was caught up in Trudeau mania in the 1960's when Pierre Trudeau ran for PM, I voted for him in more then one election. I was very proud of his performance during the October crisis in 1970. I watched the declaration of the "war measures Act" on TV, his blue steely eyes said "don't mess with our country". In the ensuing years he divided canada, alienated the west due to policies that favoured a segment of society. When he should have been embracing all canadians he was dancing in Zaire and hobnobbing with Streisand at 24 Sussex Drive. PM Trudeay will always be remembered for the Marc lalonde grab for Alberta's weatlh which destroyed the Alberta economy and thus the tipping point for the 22% interest rates rthat avaged canadians. Need I say mjore, he was bad for canada.

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