How do you feel about the tax-exempt status of churches in the United States?


  • DanDare - 12 years ago


    that operation for parental care would continue to get tax exemption. It is a bona fide charitable act. The question being discussed is should religious institutions get tax exemption simply because they are religious, or are furthering a religion. The things they do that actually are charitable are not in question, but they also get tax relief for property, for church buildings, for businesses they own that then have a tax advantage against their competitors and so on.

  • VickyGeez - 12 years ago

    I have had financial issues in the past. Most of the organizations who have helped me in my times of need are churches. They have 100% Catholic funded Parental Care where you don't have to attend church and listen to the nonsensical ranting to receive their help, no judging. I have nothing against religion that does not force their beliefs on the public. I honestly believe most Christian and Catholic organizations truly help people who need it. They put the money out there to help others with things that ACTUALLY help people, lets not give any of it to the government so they can throw it on pointless projects and welfare so some selfish low-income recipient whose intentionally been jobless for over 20 years, so they can spend our hard earned money on a steak or lobster from the supermarket. I am going to college to try and make something of myself now, I will eat what is given to me because as an Atheist I believe that is what makes us appreciate what we have and what we are striving for. In these times people need to come together and help each other where they can as we try to become someone and churches do most of the charity I've seen out there.

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