Was optimism surrounding the NHL lockout greatly inflated early this week?

  • Gary Pedersen - 9 years ago

    these players say they might get injured and ther career is over,How about the poor joe that is out working for $50,00.00 a year gets injured and has to live on $25,00.00 a month.So you rich hockey players quit your bitching and get back to work

  • Leaping Lou - 9 years ago

    Why don't we create an all-Canadian hockey league (CHL) consisting of 4 Western teams (Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton,Vancouver) and 4 Eastern teams (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and add either Quebec or Hamilton) instead of subsidising the money-losing American teams.
    When the American teams get their act together, they can then form the all-American league (AHL) consisting of 8 teams such as Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago (ie profitable teams only, please)
    The Stanley Cup final will consist of the finalist for the CHL playing the finalist of the AHL.
    The current NHL of 30 teams is WAY...... TOO BIG and is only viable if it's reduced to about half it's size.

  • K - 9 years ago

    Bettman needs to go...he is a weasel and he thinks the players union has ruined the season, when in fact he is the reason the league is where it is....

  • Mireille Moore - 9 years ago

    I am sick and tired of hearing about people making lucrative money and complaining about wanting more !!!!!!!!!
    I used to like hockey but this is taking it's toll....I am now fine with no more hockey!

    M Moore

  • Chester - 9 years ago

    Gary Bettman is sucha shysty haggly little Jackle. I bet he haggles with his wife even when shes offering to suck his shrivley turtle dick this is how itd go " well if ur gonna suck me off you gotta use 20% more tongue or im gonna have to ram my dick down your throat, oh you agreed ya We just cant come to an agreement im gonna go Jerk Off instead'

  • Pissed off at players fan - 9 years ago

    It makes me sick to here that anybody is in favor of the players. Why should the owners take all the risk of losing money and the players just open there hands and take the revenue. It is sick tho know that players even though they claim to love the game complain about not making enough money. The players of the past would play for thousands of dollars not millions and they played as hard as they could every game. That is when hockey was exciting to watch. Now if want to go to a game, I take a risk in going because I have to pay all that money to go and watch not because of the owners having to charge so much but because the owners have to pay there players a ridicoulous salary and you never know which player is going to show up. Is it the one that so calls loves the game or the one that shows up waves his hand and says screw you fans and show me my money. What a joke, let the players rot. I played hockey and knew what is like to love the game. Because I never played for money but because I wanted to play as best I could.

  • FredS - 9 years ago

    Memo to Gary Bettman & NHL owners:

    Cut player's salaries and ticket prices in half or you might as well shut down the NHL permanently.

  • Scott - 9 years ago

    Millionares vs. Billionares.....Fans are getting pretty tired of the family squabbling. Both sides better take notice or the fans will walk away and never come back. The Toronto's, Montreal's, Detroit's, Boston's, New York's, Chicago's may survive, but the rest couldn't care less if hockey was ever played again in their cities. Maybe the league should just go back to the original six, and let all these fringe millionare players get real jobs in the factories and business they are thumbing their noses at now. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!

  • disgusted - 9 years ago

    The arrogance and ego of Bettman means Nothing will get done. Hockey players make too much money? Bettman makes a ridiculous 7 or 8 million. The death stare crosby gave him was collective for the entire country.

  • Bill - 9 years ago

    I quit watching hockey when they expanded way back when they were the original 6 , it was just a money grab after that no real care for the sport play for the game NOT THE MONEY GRBBERS THEY ARE NOW U

  • Randy Siemens - 9 years ago

    ohhh those poor owners aren't making money right now selling $60.00 avg tickets ...... $10.00 beer and $5.00 dogs ..... players must be getting heat from their wives as their 2 year old Audis or Beamers need replacing .... try the real working world both of you greedy parties and remember who it is that gives you all you have in this league in the first place..... its the money paying fans that go to the games .... buy jerseys etc ... watch games enabling networks to give lucrative money to the league .... both of you would have squat if it wasnt for average joe .....

  • annette huneault - 9 years ago

    greed greed greed. as far I concerned they can all go to their vacation. I dont missed hockey and i can do without it

  • Forestry Guy - 9 years ago

    Looks like there will be no new Porsche or Mercedes in the driveway this Christmas.

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