Who do you blame more for where the NHL stands today?

Posted 6 years.


  • mr.b - 6 years ago

    i know as soon as the nhl gets back under way the fans will be lining up out the door like sheep and do as there told. maybe they will reduce the cost of tickets and merchandise to lure you sheep in. one way or another you sheep will be dropping your hard earned dollars back into the nhl , so talk all you want about boycotting because it wont happen

  • Thomas Edmonds - 6 years ago

    Cancel the season, cancel all the players contracts. Rewrite all players agreements and pay them based on performance. It would be difficult but can be done. Bonuses for performance, ie First star, consecutive games played, making the playoffs, etc. If they sick or injured, they receive 60 % of their pay. Welcome to the real world.

  • D Stewart - 6 years ago

    So many untruths being spoken - it's mind-boggling.

    Myth #1:
    The owners are not honouring the contracts they signed. YES, they absolutely are and will. BUT, the dollar values that every player signs for are contingent on the terms of the CBA with **no** exception, so they will get either less or more than what they signed for depending on the terms of the CBA and league revenue. Every player in the NHL got MORE than what they signed for last year because the HRR was higher than expected. Players who signed big contracts in the summer will still have the same amount coming to them, relative to league revenue and the agreed upon split as determined in the CBA. Still think the owners are evil?

    If you don't believe me - look up the Standard Player Contract, section 81.x.x. If there are players (and fans) out there who actually think otherwise, they are just ignorant.

    Myth #2: The owners keep taking and taking from the players
    Every CBA is a fresh start. The old CBA is over, expired, done, gone, never coming back. It can be a reference point, but it's nothing more than that. The previous CBA, although characterized by the players as a slap in the face defeat, was not working for the NHL, for the game of hockey, and it had to be adjusted to bring it in line with current economic conditions. The players "lost" the last CBA and made out like bandits in the process - no wonder they didn't strike at the beginning of the season when the gravy train was running at full steam (for them).

    Myth #3: It's the owners who are locking the players out ("just sayin...")
    Everyone knows how Fehr works - he was the sole reason why MLB lost its world series years ago (the Expos last and only chance) and there is very little doubt he was planning on doing the same with the NHL. Why would the owners give the players all the leverage by starting the season when there was a very high chance they would strike just before the playoffs (despite how much they say the love the game and their childhood dreams of hoisting the Stanley Cup)

    Myth #4: Bettman is the enemy
    Gary Bettman has been an unpopular figure for quite some time. He doesn't have an easy position to take, but he represent the owners and has grown this league for them into a $3 Billion+ enterprise....AND he has made millionaires out of a few hundred more marginal NHL players thanks to the Southern expansion drive he led. It is the ultimate irony for AHL calibre players like Ian White, Shawn Horcoff, Willie Upshall and Ron "$4.5M for 10 assists last year" Hainsey to be dissing Gary Bettman when they owe their fortunes and fame to him. Without the 200-250 extra NHL player spots that Gary opened up for them, there's not a chance in hell any of those duds would be playing in the NHL anymore. They should be sending Gary a XMAS card every year FFS...

    Last time I checked, the league has made 4 or 5 offers that would bring hockey back, but each time the Fehr-led NHLPA sheep have "countered", and it's not always on point either. It seems quite clear that Fehr is simply trying to stall the proceedings until they reach some sort of make-or-break point when he feels the NHLPA will suddenly have some leverage they can capitalize on. It's not going to happen, and the foolish players have been blindly following this charlatan down a no-win path to defeat.

    It takes a particularly vile creature like Donald Fehr to make Gary Bettman likeable after all these years, but he's done it. I never thought I would say anything positive about Gary Bettman but he's coming out smelling like roses now. Support is overwhelmingly in favour of the owners despite the foolish lies the Pete's and Chad's out there would have you believe.

    Brodeur, Alfredsson and a number of other greats will go out on this sour note. And they'll take 200-300 of their NHLPA brethren with them into obscurity and early self-imposed retirement. All for an un-winnable cause that benefited a minority of the

  • bob - 6 years ago

    players are in europe taking jobs while arguing their union rights

  • Ian - 6 years ago

    So the average NHL player makes $2.4 mill
    They have just lost 43% of their salary for the year
    That equals $1.075 mill that they will never see again
    Sidmee Crosby has lost $3.225 mil.
    No wonder he looks morose and lugubrious in every pic

    feel free to correct my math
    In addition, I'm aware that the term average can be mathematically deceiving
    It's the thought that counts. How dumbass are these players?

  • Cliff - 6 years ago

    I do not care whose fault it is! it is hard to take sides when they can not decide where all there money will be distributed. I wish fans would step back and say let's not support either side and say maybe the fans should be considered. .......Lower the price of the tickets so the average fan can take their kids and enjoy a hockey game.

    "Where is the good ole' hockey game gone to....................greed????????????"

  • Cliff - 6 years ago

    I do not care whose fault it is! it is hard to take sides when they can not decide where all there money will be distributed. I wish fans would step back and say let's not support either side and say maybe the fans should be considered. .......Lower the price of the tickets so the average fan can take their kids and enjoy a hockey game.

    "Where is the good ole' hockey game gone to....................greed????????????"

  • gmeikle - 6 years ago

    I find it hard to feel bad for a group of players that on average earn $ 29,000 per game.

  • Chad Young - 6 years ago

    The average Joe has an excuse for not being able to see, or understand the true nature of these negotiations.
    It is important to note that most, if not all articles printed by the MSM (Main Stream Media), is often biased towards favoring the corporation (NHL) and dismissing union members (NHLPA) as greedy, money hungry, out of touch low lifes.

    The wise hockey fan has a keen eye for Bettmans shenanigans. He is nothing more than an illusionist. Using smoke and mirrors, political savy and the threat of large fines for anyone affiliated with NHL corporation who dares to speak out

    Can anyone blame a player for considering an offer by a teams management to increase his salary? The big bucks and terms are always offered by team management. Often the big bucks and terms are outbid by another teams management. Bidding war ensues....

    Ask yourself, If a competitor of your current employer offered you an increased salary, better benefits, would you consider and perhaps even jump at the offer? What if you are about to accept the offer and your current employer counters with an offer of better benefits and an even greater increase in salary? What if you were also given a guarantee of 10 years with a yearly salary and benefit increase? What would you do? Are you 'greedy'? Are you 'Out of touch'? Are you a 'Lowlife'? I'd say you're you're simply maximizing your potential value to ensure that you can provide the best for your family. Ensuring that when you're unable to maintain your effectiveness in your current line of work, you can continue to maintain a desirable quality of life for yourself and your family.

    Remember, these athletes, if they are lucky have maybe 10 years of life in the NHL. They have a much higher probability of being injured on the job. They are on the road a majority of the year, away from family. Most are involved with charitable organizations. Most certainly taking up a portion of their free time. They miss family events. They are under the microscope constantly, taking critisism from media, fans, websites, twitter, facebook. Most can't go out for a quiet meal without a well meaning fan interupting their outings... Seriously, I could list so many sacrifices these gentlemen make.

    Too often people fail to put themselves in the shoes of others. Too often people believe that if it is printed by, reported by or claimed by the MSM that it is reality. In fact most of what we as consumers are bombarded with, is programing. It is obvious to me, and I may be wrong, but it really looks like all of this media brainwashing is actually working.

    Personally, I support these men, their families and the NHLPA 100%. They were LOCKED OUT.... by the NHL. Prior to this lockout, he NHL has boasted non stop at how successful they've been. They've made BILLIONS. I guess that just is not enough. What is enough? We the fans continue to buy team merchandise, paying ridiculous amounts for tickets, refreshments, souvenirs. We the fans are simply pawns in the NHL's bid to ensure 'Cost Certainty'. I've decided to focus on my families cost certainty by refusing to purchase anything related to the NHL including items with my favorite teams logo on it. I've seriously considered turning my back on the NHL forever. Life is too short to let something that should be fun have such an impact on my quality of life.

    It's time WE the FANS ended our support for the NHL. We've been taken for granted, used as pawns, lied to, ripped off.... and I for one am not going to take it anymore.

  • LUI - 6 years ago

    W Davis, give your head a shake before you open your mouth. do police, firefighters and soldiers of war get paid that kind of money you fool, they are the ones that risk there lives everyday, those are my heroes.

  • Craig - 6 years ago

    I like hearing people using the argument that the owners accept the most risk and therefore should see more of the profit. The constant clawing back of player salaries by Bettman is ultimately just passing the buck on to the players for the owners poor decisions in franchise locations and league expansion years back.

  • Ed - 6 years ago

    If and when this ends all I would like to see is that the fans boycott game one of the season, please stay home. We the fans have no say as we all know, at least for one day, for one game we could let them all know how we feel...without the audience there just ain't no show.

  • Henry Pootska - 6 years ago

    it's good to see that nearly 63% say the players are at fault...
    the players want to be owners and take some risk ??
    where is the hat being passed around amongst the players to buy the phoenix franchise??
    oh, wait...they are all over playing in europe.
    joke. friggin joke.

  • W Davis - 6 years ago

    Its Bettman that needs to go. He has worked to take everything he can from the players. The guys who put their life's on the line every game and practice. I would hope the owners wake up and fire him. Any of these ridiculous comments on the players is totally wrong. They are the most underpaid in professional sports and play one of the most dangerous games. The players are the only ones who have given up anything, not the owners one bit, they just want to take more. Its not the players fault that Bettman wants to save teams like Phoenix and they have to pay for it. Totally wrong. Fire Bettman now, please owners wake up.

  • Bruce Meckenhauser - 6 years ago

    Just saying the owners locked out the players

  • frank lamothe - 6 years ago

    union is to blame,why the hell you need a union in NHL something here is wrong.next US & MEXICO will be there home. talk about greed . get a real job.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    Easy to see that Matt is a shill for the owners ... mouthpiece, PR rep, whatever ... and tries to make out that he's really just a fan who misses hockey.
    The owners keep making "take it or leave it" offers, and the players want to negotiate. And we can see that the owners' offers have changed as a result. This is what a negotiation is about.
    It's too bad they couldn't come to an agreement sooner, for lots of reasons, but to blame the players for trying to maintain the best terms of employment possible is to be a child in an adult world. There is no need to capitulate just because your boss(es) want you to.
    Frankly, this is what the free market is supposed to behave like.

  • Diehard Leafs Fan ( or shmuck for short) - 6 years ago

    Bang on Matt.

  • Darin - 6 years ago

    The owners accepted things as changed back in 2004 and they were satisfied that moving forward with what they did in 2004 would see parity in the league for years to come.

    The OWNERS changed their minds again and are FULLY to blame.

  • Marc Tetreault - 6 years ago

    The players have forgotten their hard learned lessons from the previous lockout. Its quite simple really. The owners are prepared to wait as long as needed. Damage be damned. They know full well the fans will come back. If a season needs to be sacrificed.....so be it. 2 seasons? Why not. The players are heading for yet another huge defeat. Donald Fehr will be the next sacrifcial "lamb" and i can't wait to see it happen.

  • Matt - 6 years ago

    Listen MR. DAOUST! You're goddamn right the players are at fault for where the negotiations are at this point. Although everyone with half a brain knows Gary is a complete douchebag, he has tried to get the game back on.

    The owners made a proposal in October that the greedy kids should have accepted, and an even better offer this week that they turned down once again. Donald Fehr (or Behr as you called him...) is going to destroy the game in the U.S. if he allows this to continue. Here is a man who admittedly knows nothing about hockey, a man coming from baseball, a sport which he already F***ked royally (not that I care). I thought Gary Betman was bad, but Ol' Donny boy? Now he takes the cake!

    Hockey is a business, and in any business the owners are going to make the money. It is crazy to think the employees where getting 57% of the revenue. 50-50 offer from the owners was more than fair and giving the players another 100 million in make whole was beyond generous.

    The owners want a longer deal. Is this not a good thing? Do you want to fight about this in another 5 or 6 years? I sure as hell dont! The players opting out after 6? gimmi a break.

    The owners wants to limit contract lengths. Is this not a good thing? This makes for a better free agent market every year. Something the players want. 5 years is long enough, and 7 years if signing with the same team is great. A team should draft, develope, and keep it's own players. That what makes a real team.

    The owners want to limit contract salary per year to a 5% decrease. Is this not a good thing? These top loaded contracts which very small payments in the final years hurt the game. It allows teams to circumvent the cap and really kinda defeats the purpose. Everyone wants parity in the league. Competition from every team. Thats what makes hockey exciting.

    The players say they wanna play yet they obviously don't. The deal is smart and fair. It is designed to grow the game and make it better for years to come, much like the last CBA did. The players are great at what they do, no doubt. I love them dearly, but they are playing a GAME! Yes they are the best in the world. We pay to watch them because they are the best. Nobody should be paid multi millions for playing a game they say they're playing for the love of it. The owners need to make money as well, and many teams don't. The owners have all the risk. Everything happens on thier watch. Like any business.

    I love Hockey more than anything, and I die a little inside every day that this continues, but at this point in time the onus is entirely upon the players to stop the madness. If they truely love the game and really want to play the deal is there. They'll still make obscene amounts of money, and always will. Look at some of the contracts since the last lock out, and say the players aren't paid enough. Just get to work!

  • Pete Daoust - 6 years ago

    It is amazing how people view the issues of the CBA. After all the articles being printed everyday, one would think that the hockey fans would take time to read them.
    Simply put, The NHL have their demands on which they will not budge and the NHLPA have their demands on which they will not budge... The players are at fault for this???
    The NHLPA have moved on certain issues towards the NHL. So has the NHL but always with a caveat to include other critical issues that under normal and trusting circumstance should be dealt separately.(make whole, CBA term and and player contact term). The players are at fault for this???
    The NHLPA asked the NHL to soften their stance via a proposal which included many of the items that were discussed at the player/owner meetings. After that, we all witnessed the tantrum reaction of Mr. Bettman the "commish" of the NHL who is in mine and of many opinion, an embarrassment to the game of hockey. I am certain that the majority of you would agree on this. The are at fault for this???
    During the last lockout, The NHLPA union leader Bob Goodenough got slammed and the owners got everything they wanted. The players are at fault for that!!!
    We don't really know the financial position that the NHL find themselves after the last CBA. This is not the players fault!!!
    We heard it last night that the NHL doesn't believe that it can resolve this CBA with Mr. Behr involved in the process. Funny though and pay attention, things did not start to unfold southward until Mr. Daly and the four owners that were part of the discussions joined MR. BETTMAN and the other owners at the governors' meeting.
    The majority of the people believe that the players are at fault. They shouldn't ask for what they need in order to protect their future and a treatment of respect.
    Do you know how much Mr. Bettman earns in a year. You would be surprised.

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