Are you in support of FDI


  • gaurav sharma - 11 years ago

    1) presently farmers gets half of what is paid by consumers (for instance for a coconut consumer pays Rs 20 while farmers are getting Rs 10 per coconut), but at the same time Govt. didnt have record of who has sold/purchased at which price i.e. unorganized retail. 2) farmers are having a monopolistic sale pattern dominated by local traders, with coming up of more buyers in retail farmers will have the option whether to market his produce to trader x or trader y at a higher price 3) the modern retail chains will try to attract as much consumer as they can - the way out is to provide the commodities at the cheapest rate 4) so both producer as well as consumer will be benefited, even Govt. will have records of quantity sold at which rate (as everything will be digitized). Most importantly with coming up of more players the competition in market will become stiffer helping farmers in getting true value of their produce at a affordable price to consumer. Moreover the new players will need a large workforce to run their business creating new employment avenues; will put a lot of investment for development of adequate infrastructure

  • Wing Commander(Retd) Jayaprakash Narayan - 11 years ago

    I do not support FDI in retail.

  • kapil sreedhar - 11 years ago

    no...i dont support fdi...i support more subsidy and welfare programs for farmers and all indians

  • Chandrasekharan Nair - 11 years ago

  • krkanippayoor - 11 years ago

    Govt, if so much keen and/or commitment towards any international commitments, they would have allowed the FDI to enter "wholesales" segments so that many self employment opportunity could hv been created, by opening so many retailer shops by Indians. Now-a-days the problems faced by realy tiny retailers, is supply from the existing wholesalers, without any bill and these wholesalers reluct to pass the discount schemes to tiny retailers who want to buy one or two carton basis.

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