The Worst Trend of 2012 is...


  • Ainsley Jo Phillips - 11 years ago

    A couple of the worst fashion trends aren't even listed--and, imo, these (the ones that are part of the poll) are mild in comparison.

    Sagging/Low-Riding Clothes For Your Bottom Half--I think people look ridiculous with the tops of their jeans/slacks/shorts/bathing suit bottoms way down low. When these are so low that the top of your pubic triangle is peeking over the top and/or the top of your butt-crack is on the horizon of the waistband it's not only indecent exposure but, also, makes your body look weird as if your anatomy is out-of-sync. The wearing of jeans that sag down and shows a great deal of your underwear might not exactly be indecent exposure, but it just looks so silly. When I see this style, it makes me think of somebody sitting on the toilet when they hear the phone or doorbell ringing and hurry up pulling your undershorts and jeans up to go answer it. You get the undershorts pulled up okay but don't quite get the jeans pulled up. And I have the impression that you probably put yourself together so fast that you didn't take time to wipe, so, when I look at your attire, I can also smell butt residue in my mind. PHEW!

    Body Piercings In Bizarre Places--eyebrow, tongue, nipple, genitals OUCH! to all of those places when they get pierced. I don't think this is even healthy...

    ...which brings me to my choice in this poll: false eyelashes. I think that applying those might not be that good for your eyes, so that's why I picked this for being what needed to go first.

  • Cj45 - 11 years ago

    I don't believe that sequins only belong on a purse or stiletto's etc...sequins can go with anything. Now if they were on just the collar of a shirt, that wouldn't be to smart because its itchy or in random spots on a shirt, it just looks like someone didn't know what else to do with the shirt. I believe you should always have a little bit of sparkle on to create a bit of surprise to the eye when someone walks by...whether it be UGG boots, a sparkly headband, a few beaded-shiny bracelets, let it be. I think they make a statement of who you are. Maybe i just like them cause I was a dancer for 13 yrs and I was always around sparkles and glitter, i don't think sparkly UGG boots are going to go out very soon....all my dancer friends and i have a pair!

  • crazy j - 11 years ago

    Well for start dnt read the comments ann 2000..the lass just explaining .
    Also a hate them sparkley UGGs to....yak !!

  • ivey - 11 years ago

    Im going to get a pair of those sparkly UGGs just because of this post. With almost everything you rejected.

  • Ann2000 - 11 years ago

    I can't believe you would trash UGG's.
    I know it's just your opinion but really.
    Don't make a blog if you don't know anything about fashion.
    :( :O

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