Should I keep the thumbs up and down feature for blog comments?

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  • hawkeyethegnu - 10 years ago

    Please leave the thumbs up and down. Your comments page will end with, instead of the voting system , many, many posts just repeating the same opinions over and over again and readers/voters will more often than not feel they need to add/endorse certain viewpoints, that they either agree/disagree with. Also there are posts that get put up where you just like to say you appreciate or not, like Mick's video clips or the ongoing 'in' jokes and quips. In my humble opinion you run the risk of cluttering your post area to the point where it becomes a sort of cyber rabble, like trying to listen to every conversation in a busy pub all at once. Just think if even half the votes were converted into comments like, "I agree/disagree" or "I enjoyed that" or "that was funny", how much time and space that would take up.
    No don't change the voting system, a lot of the time I just read and if there is nothing I feel I need add or argue against then I vote or not accordingly and it is a system I do appreciate.
    Thanks for asking us though.

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