Does B.S. Yediyurappa's Karnataka Janata Party stand a chance?


  • Nastika - 10 years ago

    KJP will eat into JDS & to an extent BJP vote share. HDx (HDD, HDK & HDR) must be worried lot.

    BSY: ‘I will enter Suvarna Soudha as CM.’
    HDK: ‘If I become CM, I will get Netravathi in 48 hours’

    Note these folks don’t talk about their party getting majority, but they becoming CM (by hook or by crook).
    So will the 2nd runk leaders in their parties stick around?


  • VEDANTH - 10 years ago

    He has launched this party to serve himself and at the behest of Sonia.He is the most corrupt among most corrupt and does not deserve any sympathy. He is a person of ego and a known dictator indulged in propagating caste politics and should be behind bars

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