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  • chai - 9 years ago

    whose justin beiber???........ i dont really know him...

  • fat roni - 9 years ago

    Justin Bieber's attitude = TRASH.
    go back to school & learn RESPECT.

  • faye - 9 years ago

    you have no right to mock Manny Pacquiao! You're not incomparable to him! So just shut up and be a good boy!

  • mama mania - 9 years ago

    justin bieber you shouldn't creat stuff like the photos that u edited ur making fun of a famous boser that is richer than you

    i wish paquiaou would edit the picture when u were vomiting in a concert

  • micaya caliwan - 9 years ago

    your attitude is not good, i hope it will not happen to you

  • FilInglisera - 9 years ago

    Just try to do a concert in the Philippines after that.
    No matter how many fans you've got there, they'll still pick Manny Pacquiao over you.

  • Britguy - 9 years ago

    This is a sign that justin bieber will go down more or maybe it's a way of justin so people wud notice him because he's starting to be unfamous. Lmao. And he wants to be famous by doing dis. Well yea. He's famous now he got a lot of haters. Hahaha poor little boy.

  • jophine villaflor - 9 years ago

    we will pray for you JB.....hope it will not happened to you......

  • ututmo - 9 years ago

    let them both sing.
    let them box in the ring.

  • Che2980 - 9 years ago

    I hope you'll not fall down too soon In your career J.B., cause when that time comes.....that's a bigtime KARMA for you!

  • MP biggest fan - 9 years ago

    Bieber (Canadian fag) do you have the guts to do a concert in the Philippines?????????

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