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So, Which American Horror Story Asylum Character Do You Predict Will Bite The Dust In The Next Episode, "The Coat Hanger"? (Airing Dec. 12th) (Poll Closed)

  • Monsigeur Timothy, (possibly after he pisses off Sister Mary Demon or Dr. Nazi, AKA Arden)

  • Dr. Nazi/Arden (possibly because Sister Mary Demon will just feel like it or get bored with him, or maybe by the Raspers who are apparently now so hungry they’re just charging the death chute)

  • Possessed Sister Mary, taking Sister Mary Eunice with her like the time he did with Jeb, after the demon jumps bodies again (that’s a long shot, though)

  • Dr. Thredson, possibly after he does/says one too many things to piss off Lana and pushes her over the edge to just kill him)

  • Kit, possibly because he gets in Sister Mary Demon’s way

  • Leigh "Psycho Santa" Emerson (confirmed to be in the episode and even has dialogue), possibly as a result of being stabbed with a letter-opener

  • Some poor miscellaneous Briarcliff patient who gets in Sister Mary Demon’s way

  • Some poor miscellaneous Briarcliff staff member who gets in Sister Mary Demon’s way

  • Some poor miscellaneous former Briarcliff patient-turned-diseased-Rasper who gets in Sister Mary Demon or Dr. Nazi’s way

  • That therapist that Dylan McDermott (AKA Bloody Face Jr.) was having a session with (as shown in the preview). Rumor has it she is the cast member from ‘Silence of the Lambs’ who Ryan Murphy said

  • Other

Poll posted 7 years ago.

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