Who deserves a lump of coal this Christmas?

Posted 6 years.


  • Kevin - 6 years ago

    This has become a joke. Why are players union brothers scabbing it with none union teams. They should be fined and suspended from the union. Why are the owners still filling their buildings for basketball and concerts. The players should be picketing these venues disrupting operations. When this is over I will still watch hockey in the comfort of my own home, but will not spend a dime on game tickets or merchandise.
    When you guys finally get a deal, make sure that there is something for everyone who has been laid off over this.

  • David - 6 years ago

    Right,i agree.Lots of good hockey in junior,let the CHL play for the stanley cup.Take it away from the NHL,there are more than just NHL teams on the cup.Quit buying NHL or NHLPA licensed products.Do any of the parties involved really care about the fans? maybe some of the players i know the owners care about money because it is a business after all.It is our money and interest in the game that makes it what it is,lets watch junior hockey,screw the fat cats on both sides of the coin.

  • John Sine - 6 years ago

    I am not sure what I find is more frustrating, seeing Garry and the owners playing this game (acting). Pretending to have owner that are moderate, acting like they are shocked with how the NHLPA is negotiating, or the so call fans buying it.
    I keep hearing how this lockout is hurting the game after 5 plus years of growth. This is after losing a year because it was so important to the owners to have a cap that had to be attached to revenue.
    Now these same owners say after 5 plus good years of growth, for the game to grow they need more concessions from the players again.
    I have to ask myself if the owners have lost 100 plus million dollars so far during this lockout and this is money they will never get back why would they let this get this far. These guys did not build the wealth they have by being stupid. They build their wealth by making good business decision and not letting their emotions enter into their business.
    These same owners are saying they are so upset with the NHLPA and the players and are suggesting the players are not negotiating in good faith, have been paying Garry for the last 17 years up to 8 million a year. These are same people that sign these long term contract days before the lock out.
    So who thinks these same owners who are billionaire and have to report to their share owners would allow this lockout to last this long if they could not recover their losses in a reasonable time?

  • George - 6 years ago

    Exactly. I gave up them after the last strike. Screw the NHL and watch Junior Hockey as you're more likely to get your money's worth instead of watching millionaire primadonnas who may play well depending on their mood.

  • ryan - 6 years ago

    the fans need the coal for alowing this to go on .... how bout we just stop going to games / buying merchindise ... then who gets the real control and say when they play or not

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