Which aspect of the 'CATS' clip caught your interest the most?

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Posted 6 years.


  • JOSE - 9 months ago

    Man, this was great. I loved the part with the cat. So frigidy-fragin kinky, m'rite?

  • Kristen - 1 year ago

    What captured my attention the most throughout was the voices of the singer(s) and how beautiful they were. (This wasn't one of the options so I chose my second, which was my emotional experience -- I got goosebumps even though I have heard this song a hundred times and don't even really love it!)

  • Waleed faisal - 1 year ago

    The emotion of the main character was very impressive, I searched youtube to hear more

  • hi - 2 years ago

    none of it interested me

  • Kathy Bennett - 3 years ago

    There was not a choice for all of the above as I experienced all of them in the span of the song. However Cats is one of my all time favorites. Since I was forced to pick one it did not reflect my true answer.

  • Alice Quille - 3 years ago

    I enjoyed listening to the music and viewing the back stage

  • joyce narh - 3 years ago

    I really like the emotional aspect of the music.

  • Albert Meyers - 3 years ago

    See above comment.

  • Albert Meyers - 3 years ago

    I selected music as first because I'm now very hard of hearing. I couldn't make out any words except "in the moonlight."Otherwise, I would have given priority to the words (music second). When I could hear well (1950s and 60s) I was a guitar–playing folk singer with fellow activists in Greenwich Village (with words first, music second).

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