Sea Glass Hunting


  • Debara - The Sea Glass Painter - 10 years ago

    When we moved to Gloucester...I learned about Sea Glass. I use to run into the same hunters at low tide and appreciated their friendship. Then my hobby turned into a business of sorts and the Cape Ann community was so supportive and generous. I love Gloucester - thanks to The JOEYman too for GMG and his vision for our community.

    Then my husband took a job teaching at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.
    So, the real truth is.....I love him MORE! :)
    So here I am in a little village on the sea...yes, you can move a Glouscester girl and she can say goodbye to many things - but not the SEA! Google see our little red door on the harbour.

    To my surprise....there is sea glass here too. We have an association of sea glass lovers here -
    in the USA there are over 5,000 members, in the UK, I was the 16th person to sign up!

    We still have our place in Gloucester, so `i hope to get back someday - but for now i look for GMG
    in my inbox and think of Local Colors folks and our beloved neighbors and well, feel homesick.
    Oh to be able to meet at the Lone Gull and the walk the shores of Cape Ann.

    One blessing in my move among others - there is more sea glass for my friends to find! and that's a very good thing! `happy hunting'

  • Cathy - 10 years ago

    Sorry: Exercise

  • Cathy - 10 years ago

    Correct spelling for: Obsession, Excercise. { : o )

  • Alyssa - 10 years ago

    I was obsessed as a kid - combing the rocky shore at folly cove for that ever-elusive aqua sea glass nugget. That was the most treasured find - but even more satisfying was watching the collection grow each summer; a glittering pile of smooth ceramic
    Pieces and sea glass nuggets. Beautiful!! :)

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