Do you think Graglia could have a point about Blacks not being as competitive because many come from single-parent homes?

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  • V.E. Curtiss - 6 years ago

    This issue should have nothing to do with race, Single parents can also be well educated, competitive and encourages their children to do the same.
    Two parent households can experience some of the same issues facing singles.
    The upbringing, environment, financial factors into this issue a great deal.
    A two parent home doesn't automatically create a loving, caring, nourishing, encouraging place to grow up in.

  • Tanisha - 9 years ago

    I believe that society stereotypes place limits on what minorities are capable of. Give us a chance before you judge us!

  • Keiana - 9 years ago

    I think that it is not a race thing. I think that like most republicans they see a black face as the mascot to this particular problem. However, it is not secret that being a minority, almost welcomes the continues "look-overs" and discrimination as a part of being a minority which makes a lot of these people vulnerable to failure from birth/.000

  • aldric - 9 years ago

    i understand what he means... my entire family all are in single parent homes . success is emphasized more so in 2 parent homes... single parents are so busy its hard to stay on top of your kids education the way it should be... i feel parents should have assignments for thre children to do outside of school.... and turn that tv off and learn something.... kids should only watch positve brain stimulating shows... majority of our kids watch tv and/or paly video game from the time they get home from school untilll they fall asleep(no bed-time)

  • Faustin Kinte - 9 years ago

    Professor Graglia is certainly free to speak his mind but he sounds a little stupid for a scholar of his caliber. Put your time to use in these times of fiscal cliff- Blacks and Whites (born out of wedlock ) will certainly thank you for using your brains.

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