Do You Sit And Watch Cable News All Day Long After Horrific Tragedies


  • Bob Ryan - 10 years ago

    Prayers and thoughts to all involved at Sandy Hook. My issue relates to "Dewey Wins!" How about when these news outlets are so competitive to get fresh news that they often relate bad Info. No need to rehash here but the "facts" all day were riddled with error.

  • Suzanne - 10 years ago

    I can't sit and watch it over and over especially when the media puts a microphone in front of a 7-8 year old's face! These nuts that are hellbent on harming innocents will get a gun, knife or whatever it takes to harm! It is terrible that we have to educate little children of what to
    do in a situation such as Sandy Hook but, the reality is WE HAVE NO CHOICE!

  • Solange - 10 years ago

    for the same reason , people slow down or stop on the road, to see victims . they love "horror movies", the bloodier the better . the media ( TV, newspapers, magazines) know this , and they feed the blood lust .No matter if the families of victims are made to feel worse, no matter if they would prefer to mourn in privacy. They will continue to make tragedies worse , for their own selfish purposes.

  • Donna - 10 years ago

    I admit I am a news groupie always have been, not just headlines, sports, finance, weather, etc., but Friday's tragedy was and is such a heartbreak very scary now to turn the news on. so sad

  • Sue - 10 years ago

    I feel for the families. After a tragedy like this, you want to find some peace. And how can you? Every TV station is in town, every time u turn on TV, it is on. And it is not just one day, but usually 3 or 4. It seem to me that this encourages unstable people to commit these crimes. They become famous, even the President knows of them, and they are no longer nobodies.

  • pattie goulart - 10 years ago

    I just can't watch it, the horror is beyond belief and rehashing it over and over just feels senseless,

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