60% of benefit claimants are working people. Do you feel that the Tories have fairly represented this?

  • chaz stoll - 7 years ago

    sorry I can spell "their" - must have been rushing....

  • chaz stoll - 7 years ago

    Good survey and one that is fairly unique as it gives options that put a more Socilaist, humane and fairer view forward.

    I think most people understand that we are being conned left, right and centre.

    In this area, Halesowen and Rowley Regis - West Midlands - my MP, James Morris claimed he had fought to keep the local fire station open. He did oppose, BUT what he never mentioned was that he voted to cut spending in the first place!!!!
    Where was his opposition when it was needed?
    He then seems to think that his opposition exonerates him. Does he not expect us to see through his nonsense?
    Good stuff on the poll...as usual the Tories and thier chums The Liberals are blaming, hurting those who can least afford it. They fight for their class - as usual and bugger the rest.

  • Nigel J Dougan - 7 years ago

    They might well be working people but that's no excuse. If they got off their arses and got jobs as merchant bankers and earned fortunes they wouldn't need to be bailed out by the state. Why don't they get extra jobs.

    Sorry Mr Cameron but your a Twat. Come and live with some of my friends who are doing jobs way below their skill set and without state assistance their families would fall apart. Get real mate!! If it's true you wanted to get your daughter to place a vote for you during X Factor for Will Young, you really need to step aside.

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