Do you know someone with Mental Illness?

  • Meg - 9 years ago

    Your options are offensive. The problem with mental health in this country is the lack of resources and information, not the people suffering from it.

  • Meredith - 9 years ago

    This poll is ridiculous and offensive. People are already talking about this on facebook, and The Hartford Guardian should expect to receive a lot of negativity for it. A character defect?! !!!!

    There is only one good answer to this poll and I'm glad to see the majority of people have answered thusly.

    The only thing shameful about mental illness is the lack of awareness, recognition, acceptance, and treatment for it.

    I think whoever wrote this poll might be in need of some mental health help themselves...

  • Connie Schuster - 9 years ago

    The concept of "mental illness" has no medical or scientific validity. It is just another way of describing some people as less than fully human. Psychiatric drugs damage the brain and the central nervous system. They can cause all the difficulties they're supposed to prevent, including violent and suicidal behavior. Good people are being destroyed and killed by psychiatry. The corporate-controlled media is hiding the truth from the public; the pharmaceutical industry is powerful and profitable. ALL the massacres in recent history have been caused by psychiatric drugs. PSYCH DRUGS & VIOLENCE:

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