Is Your iPad Mini Paint Job …
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  • Drh - 8 years ago

    Man, I hate the mobile version of this site with a passion.
    I get to see the real page for a brief second with the content I want before a stupid spinner turns up and reformats it. Then I struggle to find the poll.
    Back to the topic, I only tweeted the other day how impressed I was that after 6 weeks, my iPad Mini still looks mint without having a case since day one. Actually, so does my iPhone 5 which again is a launch day arrival but after all the scare mongers, I do have a minimalist bumper on the iPhone.
    Perhaps some people just suck at looking after their gadgets, some of the condition phones I see from the from younger users is abysmal!
    ...and without wanting to corner any particular demographic, but truthfully, I have found twenty something women users to be the worst, especially with broken glass (back & front) of iPhone 4 & 4S models!

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