Do you think Westboro should be stripped of its religious affiliation and classified as a hate group?


  • Proveit - 10 years ago

    I think if you haven't been there to see it for yourself, then you shouldn't be signing petitions based on what someone else has told you. We all know the media NEVER slants the truth and if it's on the internet, it must be true, right? lol. I'm not saying it's true or not, I'm saying, Check things out before you open your mouth and put pen to paper.

  • giny white - 10 years ago

    Im not saying there lying about what the Bible says,, But they are WRONG to go to a familys greving services anad pull the crap they do. God is our Creator anad he will be the one to Judge our Sins. Theres not a lot of people going to enter God's Gates.. And im sure im not going to be one of them either, but i still believe.. and pray i will..

  • Lucy - 10 years ago

    Just like any other entity, this church should answer to a higher level, I wonder if we can start a petition with the Baptis convention or whatever the higher organ of authority is, they should be the ones telling this pastor to preach about Jesus teachings.

  • Lucy - 10 years ago

    So, they want their right to free speech. What about my rights?, my right to enroll in the Army if I want to, my right to love whom ever I want to, my right to be left alone to bury my love one. Ooooohhh I get it, they would respect my rights as long as they agree to them..... In what part of the Bible says GOD HATES??? What the Bible tells us is to love each other like God loves us.

  • A - 10 years ago

    Sick fucks

  • robert eloi - 10 years ago

    Although I may not agree with what they say, I would be willing to fight and die for their right to say it.

  • k goldston - 10 years ago

    wbc are a waste of oxygen. i think all religious institutions should be made to follow american laws and should not have tax exempt status. im an internet minister, can i call my house the church of rational athiests and qualify to be tax exempted? the catholic church protects pedophile priests that like to fuck little boys, if they get wind that people are on to them they simply put the priest in another unsuspecting parish, traveling from parish to parish protected by the vatican. and they are AGAINST SAME SEX MARRIAGE BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS. WTF? they should tax ALL churches that dont adhere to american laws.

  • jaydog0303 - 10 years ago

    Westboro Baptist Church is not a Christian church by any stretch of the imagination. I am a christian and in no way do I condone that church or what they do. They are a hate group and should not have a tax exempt status. They are touting political agendas under the guise of "Christianity". They are a brainwashed group of people that cannot think for themselves other than what their leader tells them to think. My thoughts and prayers go out to Newtown and the families that lost their children.

  • a mother - 10 years ago

    i say we throw them all in their church and burn it down with them.. they are just a waste of space. they are evil. the devil. not gods children. ignorant bastards..

  • ConcernedRedneckAmerican - 10 years ago

    All I can see is we obviously have 800+ idiot that need to be taken down with this group that agrees with what they do.

  • Alex - 10 years ago

    Anyone who feels children deserve to die has no place in today's society, regardless of which country they are in. Not since the Dark Ages has christianity been so hateful that it would condemn children. Freedom of speech, Religious freedom and the right to your own opinion are not excuses for you to hate 6 year old kids that have been killed by a coward. I'm sure this so called church group agree with Hitler. Because thats how they come across. If I as a UK citizen feel this way about there hatemongering, then I can only imagine how hard it must be for the American people to put up with this kind of stupidity. My condolences to the families of the fallen angels. No parent wants to out live their kids. It should never happen.

  • sparky986 - 10 years ago

    As a citizen of The United States Of America they have the right to their opinions. However as citizens ourselves, we have the right to ours. We can block their protests, strike outside their church (as they call it), and make sure they are not welcome in any community in the USA. Any one who would think the killing of 6 year old children is an act of God an not an act of pure evil, has no place in our community. Or any community in The United States Of America.

  • matt - 10 years ago

    intresting results lol... didnt see that coming.

  • Scott - 10 years ago

    Anyone who votes no is an idiot.

  • Wayne - 10 years ago

    I definitely believe thy should have their tax exempt status cancelled! I also believe that a lot of other so called religious oraganizations should have the same thing happen to them. Especially the religious organizations that are nothing more than an extension of the Teapublicans.

  • charlotte shapiro - 10 years ago

    NO! They get to call their organization a religion. Our constitution guarantees this right.
    They do not have a right to interfere with the rights of others to gather and practice their rituals and religions...through their obstruction, stalking, abuse and assault. This is no different from domestic abuse... The perpetrator of domestic abuse is usually arrested and booked into jail. Court injunctions are ordered. When orders are disobeyed...they are put in jail. Westborough Church should lose their tax exempt status owing to their obstructions and abuses of others.

  • Debra101 - 10 years ago

    This petition does NOT take away their right to free speech!! People who are commenting this are plain wrong. The petition takes only makes them pay taxes. There is the consideration to label them a hate group, which if any of you freaking out over this watch the news, many "churches" have had this titles stripped away and labeled a hate group. This enables the government (SPLC and ADL) to keep a close eye on their activities. If an act of violence occurs the FBI will then investigate. This is more than justified since I and many in the country have seen this group creates violence and antagonizes people. They also show pure hatred towards classifications in America. The constitution clearly states we do have the right of speech but when that speech becomes an act of harassment/assault and violence Americans do have the right to slap them so hard their eyeballs pop out of their ass. This is just a slap on the wrist as far as I'm concerned. Many organizations have had their title stripped away for MUCH less.

  • Eric - 10 years ago


    I'm sorry if you took my comment that way. I do not feel all Christians are anti gay rights and didn't mean to sound like that. What I was saying is that a large number of Christians believe that gay people are lesser, in that they shouldn't be able to marry, going to hell, etc. These Christians may not speak out in the worst possible way like Westboro but they speak out with their vote at least.

    So all im saying is that the Westboro share their core beliefs with a considerable portion of our nation, whether right or wrong . If you where to take away their tax exempt status for showy displays of what a good portion of the nation already believes i don't feel its right. Should we take away tax exempt status on all church's that are against human rights or just Westboro because their displays are hated and annoying?

  • yamanut - 10 years ago

    after serving in the military and serving over 40 years in law-enforcent, I have to comment on this group. I have seen them picket funerals of soldiers KIA and seen their signs in Topeka and it makes me so ashamed to even admit I am from Kansas. If you watch the pickets, you will see the children holding sign and spitting on the flag while the adults stand in the background. Please vote, not to restrict their freedom of speech, but to withdraw their tax exempt status.

  • John - 10 years ago

    Eric has yet to understand what true Christianity is. Eric, "Everything that glitters is not gold." Jesus said, "You shall know them by their fruits. A good tree cannot produce evil fruits, neither can an evil tree produce good fruits." The actions and words of this organization do not reflect the teachings of Christ or true Christianity. Therefore branding all other true believers as racists is not the right thing to do. There will always be a "bad potato" in the bunch. that does not mean all others are bad and therefore should be thrown away.

  • John - 10 years ago

    I do not like or support the views of this church. But they have freedom to believe what they believe. If we begin to strip them of their religious privileges, then we will become like some of the Islamic States (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Eritrea, Somali Land, Mauritania, etc.), where nothing but islam is permitted. Then we will have to strip anyone and everyone organization of their privileges over "this thing and that thing." But the views and actions of Westboro is not at all Christ-like. Jesus taught us to love our enemies, pray for those persecute and despitefully use us, to feed our enemies, and the like. Let us do the same for Westboro as well. Perhaps their blinded eyes will be opened someday.

  • Eric - 10 years ago

    Racism and discrimination have always been a part of Christians and i don't see why this should change now. While I do not agree with the thoughts of the church, most Christian's believe gay people are "lesser" than non gay and deep down share the views of Westboro. They choose not to express them in such a profoundly terrible way but they do affect the laws of the country and show their beliefs in other ways that at the base are not much different.

    If we took tax exempt status away from Westboro should we also take it away from any Church that stands against human rights? I think not.

    Education is the escape from these ideas, not taxing a faith for what they believe in.

  • jr - 10 years ago

    As much as I disagree with what they do and say as it infuria me to no end, I must give them the same 1st amendment rights we all enjoy and sometimes don't enjoy. As far as stripping them of religious status, not sure. Have they violated the status or is this an effort to silence them? I guess it would allow us to tax their hate.

  • InkyDemon - 10 years ago

    I agree that this group should be classified as a hate group as well. They are borderline cultists. And I wish nothing more than for the organizations destruction and disbandment.

  • blerpdeblerpblerp girl - 10 years ago

    They want to judge all of us, it's about time we judged them.

  • pissed off marine and parent - 10 years ago

    They need to be taxed liked every one else . And as for them picketing the vigil . It just shows that they are a group of hateful inbreed worthless pos. Anyone who would do that needs to be delt with . there time will come when it's judgment day. And as for the hateful things they say . Yeah it does hurt . I have been to several of my brothers in arms funerals . Many of them I served with . To give someone the power to say the hateful things they say is disrespectful to all of man kind.

  • Curt - 10 years ago

    I'm Christian, and even I hope they lose their religious and tax exempt status. Real Christians view God as their parent figure, and as any parent can attest to, loves their children no matter how many of their rules they break. While most Christians see our religion under attack by atheists like never before, I see our religion under attack by these "Christians" like Westboro more than anything else. They are doing more damage than any atheist or scientific discovery could ever do, not just to Christianity, but to all of humanity. My belief disallows me to judge anyone at anytime for any reason at all, but I sure hope they are punished when their time comes.

  • JL. - 10 years ago

    run the media off....during there crap..they wont show up...its a dog and poney show...

  • Mike Boresow - 10 years ago

    There is always that 1% that are just idiots that just don't get the overall picture out there. If you had a poll asking if the sun should come up, you'd have that 1% again that shouldn't be on this earth.

  • Another terrorist group - 10 years ago

    So I think they will be the next ones we hear about on.the news shooting up some school...blowing up a daycare ...they are just another group of terrorists.

  • Missy McCoy - 10 years ago

    We all have tried to take the high road with those hateful people long enough---just when you think they couldn't possibly come up with anything worse than picketing fallen servicemen's funerals, they come up with this. They need to be shut down once and for all, and if it takes the federal government to do it I say go for it! Enough is Enough!!!

  • Laurie - 10 years ago

    I have never understood why the powers that be in the Baptist church allow this group to use the name "Baptist." I don't deign to understand how church hierarchy works, but seems like someone there could prohibit this group from identifying themselves as "Baptists". No organized church should allow their name to be perverted by people like these.

  • Laurie - 10 years ago

    I have never understood why the powers that be in the Baptist church allow this group to use the name "Baptist." I don't deign to understand how church hierarchy works, but seems like someone there could prohibit this group from identifying themselves as "Baptists". No organized church should allow their name to be perverted by people like these.

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    this is not a church at all, this is a hate group disguised as a church, they have no rights other than the freedom of speech, which is used for hatred, there tax free status should be striped,

  • Karla - 10 years ago

    The WBC does not practice freedom of speech, they practice HARASSMENT and their acts need to be classified as such. They worship a very dark presence. I wish the Baptist Church could pull their affiliation somehow.

  • Former Topekan - 10 years ago

    Maybe the Phelps cult needs to tell the truth about the incest and abuse that goes on behind their own closed doors. Why could anyone think that this group is religious in any way, why could anyone support a tax exempt status of such evil beings? The time has come for the innocent to stop dying and let's all take a stand against this group that is FAR from any innocence ever known!

  • Ninth - 10 years ago

    I don't think you can make a special case for the Westboro Baptist Church. You can't ethically target a specific church without also targeting foundations with similar beliefs. Banning the WBC is a slippery slope towards zero tax-exemptions for religious institutions.

    This isn't something I would be against.

  • The Adamo - 10 years ago

    This is a sick group of people. Saying that, they do have rights to be ridiculous. But as 'throwaway' said earlier, "Strip all churches of their tax exempt status, if you are going to strip theirs. It'd definitely help with the budget problems."
    That makes sense to me. Why should any of the churches get out of paying taxes? They shouldn't.

  • Leroy Tyrone - 10 years ago

    That is their new name and the only name they should ever be referred to as.
    This is NOT a church. It is a family cult and nobody should ever refer to these satanic losers as a church again.

  • Really? - 10 years ago

    How could 398 people vote no? I am sick and tired of hearing about Westboro Baptist "church" and their hatred toward the human race. Yes audit them, make them pay taxes, they have nothing better to do all day than go out and protest and then when things go awry they sue everyone for becoming violent. They are asking to get their asses kicked, and when they do they bring lawsuits against the people who do. Thats how they survive. I hope for once they have met their match on this Connecticut deal.

  • throwaway - 10 years ago

    Strip all churches of their tax exempt status, if you are going to strip theirs. It'd definitely help with the budget problems.

  • Pennybags - 10 years ago

    I doubt you spent twenty years in the military protecting the right for the Westboro Baptist Church to be tax exempt, John. Tax exemption for religious organisations isn't a constitutional right, and you swore only to defend the constitution.

    Nobody's petitioning to have their first amendment rights stripped. This is purely an IRS matter.

  • AC - 10 years ago

    Organization can already lose their 503(c) status if they do not further public policy. For example, Bob Jones University lost it's tax-exempt status because it had an anti-miscegenation rule.

    The courts are free to strip Westboro of its 503(c) status. But I think it's inappropriate to do this via petition. It sets a dangerous precedent. Congress makes tax law and courts should enforce it . . . not special interest groups and the citizens they manipulate into voting for their referendums.

  • raptor jesus - 10 years ago

    These people are stupid but they do what majority of other "Christians" do and that's take passages from a book and skew them to further benefit themselves. They are not based off of any faith. These are simply individuals who feed off the publicity and fame given to them by the media. It's completely ridiculous that this scourge of modern society can do what they want and it's protected under the shroud of religion. Their big argument is the removal of christian god from public schools. Yes, it only makes sense. America is not (nor has it ever been) a christian nation so why should anyone be forced to pray to a god that's not their own? Oh yeah, because they shouldn't.

  • Jenni - 10 years ago

    John, the petitions have NOTHING to do with WBC's freedom of speech. They are asking for an investigation to see if they actually qualify for tax exempt status as a church, and for them to be classified as a hate group. They can still say whatever they want, they just have to pay taxes to do it like everybody else. Neither of these will shut them down or shut them up, unfortunately.

  • John - 10 years ago

    I totally disagree with Westboro Baptist Church. I don't believe that they represent anything related to Christ, his life and mission. However, they believe it and I spent twenty years in the military defending the rights of people to speak their mind as they see fit.

    We don't strip any faith based group regardless of how offensive their message is. It's part of who we are. Sometimes that's messy.

  • name? LOL - 10 years ago


  • Samir Younan - 10 years ago

    Their religious beliefs are based on hatred. I don't think classifying them as a hate group would make any difference, if at all - apart from maybe legal ramifications. These guys are a threat to society and one day they will not just be imposing their dangerously delusional beliefs but they will be physically acting upon it. In concluding this, I voted no. They should be excluded from society and maybe, just maybe, the kids they raised might have a standing chance of not being so fucked up if they decide to put them in the care of professionals.

  • holy - 10 years ago

    I find them to actually be pretty good Christians, not ignoring the icky parts of the Bible as the majority does. Instead, they have the intellectual honesty to accept that the god of the bible is a SOB and nevertheless choose to praise him (you know, him being the supreme being and all..)

  • Pig enthusiast - 10 years ago

    What do you have against pigs?

  • Someone who can spell - 10 years ago

    They're not their. If you must rant, please don't look like a member doing it. Wow.

  • GINNY MAC - 10 years ago

    their not a church, their a gutter group, a bunch of trash, what do you do with unwanted trash? you burn it!!! their not human, they don't have a heart, their pigs they just wander aimlessly around looking for something to do, their worse than pigs! how dare they hide behind the name of a church so they can get tax cuts, etc., just shows what they are!!! USELESS FILTH...

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