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  • Pink_Monster81 - 2 years ago

    Even though they had plastic surgery, it still doesn't change their appearance and still look natural and beautiful. And you would have done the same thing if you look ugly and people around you kept bashing and bullying you about your appearance! People are always immature! If anything happens to an idol, they would feel bad about it but NEVER CHANGE, they would continue to bash and criticiize them when you or we don't have any right to do it! Why don't you immature people do your own thing and mind your own business instead on meddling on someone else's life! Grow up already and just think of your future while thinking on how to make your parents' proud! smh!

  • Rah - 3 years ago

    Almost all celebrities, doesn't show their real natural face. Even if no plastic surgery, celebrities will still use make up. Their appearance is their bread and butter, so even if SNSD do plastic surgery, I don't see anything wrong with that. What attracts me more, is their personality when they appear in public.

  • Penguin - 3 years ago

    I m still not sure about Yoona's surgeys cuz they showed her picture when she was a toodler its the same as now.but that jaw line looks suspicios and nose too :/ its not that i m against it its just i thought she was a natural beuty :/

  • AaShuu - 5 years ago

    I just don't believe this!
    you guys just picked up pics from the internet, but did you even check if they were photo shopped or not.
    Did you see Yoona's childhood pic which was shown SNSD Hello Baby??? She definitely did not have that jawline, and regrading Tiffany's skin tone, come on guys, don't you know your skin tone can change as you grow, that goes same for face shape. I don't mean by jawline, I mean we tend to have baby fat when we are kids, at teenage we still have that fat, as we grow that fat goes also. Baby fat stays for a long time. I maybe 17 but i still have my baby fat. Look guys even if you are growing up your face structure doesn't change. So stop talking about idols behind their backs,If you hate them just don't sat anything that would hurt them.

  • Kean - 5 years ago

    i dont care if the girls generation's members are ugly the important is how they will proved themselves that they are deserving to be a part of that group..Whatever they looks are,I will be their fans no matter what..

  • Faith - 5 years ago

    I think it good for them to have plastic surgery because what if when they were in middle school and highschool and they were bullied alot and they wanted to have the body so people will like them more. To be honest i want plastic surgery too but i thing that if you believe in yourself and think that ur pretty and have alot of courage and stuff i think you dont need plastic surgery. I think that everybody in the whole entire world is preety. What i mean pretty is like DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT COVER! i mean that some people are pretty but in the inside they are nasty. what i mean nasty mean their mean,they bullied people,they dont care or whatsoever. but some people even if their not good looking their kind to other people they love and they have courage and they just have to believed in their self so they wont be pulled down. in the world these day people care too much about appearance but i think they should care about the personalities. if u guys are reading this Im very sorry if anybody dosent like my commet.

  • Georgie_Cheng2x - 6 years ago

    It's just fine whether they had plastic surgery or not (there's nothing wrong w/ it). That's their money anyway. As long as you didn't hurt other people do what do you want to yourself, if you think it's good for you then go :) though it's better if your a natural beauty.
    If I only have money I will do some liposuction with my "upper arm" hahaha and I will remove all my minor scars!

  • Georgie - 6 years ago

    It's just fine whether they had plastic surgery or not (there's nothing wrong w/ it). That's their money anyway. As long as you didn't hurt other people do what do you want to yourself, if you think it's good for you then go :) though it's better if your a natural beauty.
    If I only have money I will do some liposuction with my "upper arm" hahaha and I will remove all my minor scars!

  • Andrew - 6 years ago

    Honestly, the Jessica pictures are completely photoshopped. Doing picture research and looking at them again, her jaw is never that angled or that soft before and after respectively. Yoona's nose just lost fat and became more angled. Those two things I know for sure, but I think they look pretty regardless of anythingand based on what I have seen which mmay not qualify to some, their personalities are just as beautiful.

  • Isabel - 6 years ago

    Wow. Some of these comments are utterly clueless.
    Do you really believe that kpop stars all have the same eyes, same noses and same jawlines are all NATURAL? In South Korea (I KNOW I HAVE FAMILY THERE) it's completely accepted, and everyone knows that surgeries are commonplace - no one has a problem with it. Why do you deny it so much? *LEGASP*.
    Are you saying you wouldn't like SNSD just because they had surgery? Sadly, S.K. is in a period that is very judgmental on looks, with specific guidelines for the word "beautiful" and "handsome". They are just trying to give these girls/guys their best chance-

    Go and tumblr for awhile on the subject if you don't believe me..

  • Sone - 6 years ago

    I do believe on some of this surgery thingy. But I don't really care.

  • Maemi - 6 years ago

    The skin lighting thing is wrong. When I was in kindergarten, I had super tan skin. As I grew older, I've naturally become much lighter. Keep in mind that I don't use foundation often, only during special occasions.

  • Applepie - 6 years ago

    Some did some not

  • Dkrrd - 6 years ago

    only one girl here did something, rest is all a lie, they all look exactly the samen like before, just putting a picture without make up saying before, and then a pic with make up saying jealous sluts just piss off and learn how to care about your skin...some of tiffanys pictures show some completely different person...all this just to make them look bad...doing something like this do you ugly sluts feel better with that?get a life and dont blame beautiful women, because no one is paying ugly sluts like you some really are pathetic, shame on you, really a sad thing you jealous haters are doing here...then even pretending to be fans, only to look like you have some clue about them...just kill yourself sluts, no one needs such pathetic human beings...

  • Janella Salvador - 6 years ago

    you know what ? these are not all true .. these people are just insecure with girls that's why they are finding their way to ruin their Image . Do you even look at the photos closely ? they are being edit by the people who hate them . I am a professional editor and a photographer so I know if it's edited or not . can all the person behind this stop their being insecure ? it's no use . you are all wasting your time . if you want to be famous work . Instead of ruining others life . I'm a die hard fan of SNSD and it hurts me to see these false informations !!! they are beautiful just the way they are . inside and out >_

  • donna - 6 years ago

    no i don't believe this! can't we just say that people do mature...
    so do they. Come on guyz!

  • clarice - 6 years ago

    hyo unnie did but not the rest . well,tiff unnie maybe just did a treatment or what but not surgery

  • darkdreamqueen - 7 years ago

    I really doubt the surgery. I too, look very different than my teenage years yet I still look very youthful. Besides, all the surgery that everyone is suggesting takes too long of a recovery time, and with the amount of media coverage with these girls, we would have definitely saw more pics of them with cover-ups or less limelight on them. Just saying.

  • ILOVESNSD - 7 years ago

    I think that they didint do plastic surgery, they just change by time! compare your picture from when you were small to now, there is a big change, your nose change, your eyes change, everything chages! Even if they DID, that is just for you fans to think that they are beautiful and to support them! The wish to every girl is to be beautiful! Why just look their outside and past, why dont you look now and their inside, they are funny, dorky and have a good heart. I just think you are way too wrong!! ( plus taeyeon and tiffany look just the same as they were when they were little, tiffany was a little bit fat when she was young, then she did a diet and got thinner, but loosing wheight cannot be considered as plastic surgery is just plain makeup, taeyeon looks the same, i dont know if you are blind or something, but they all look the same!)

  • ichi - 7 years ago

    I believe that Yuri and maybe Hyo had eyelid surgery, but you can see in recent photos SunTaeTif have monolid. Jessica obviously had a lot of dental work done, and people forget that her jaw can be changed by that. It looks like she may have had something like anterior jaw surgery to fix her bite — something that can put undue stress on and wear down the molars.
    I don't know about Yoona's nose, it's possible. Also with Sooyoung's nose. idk. I don't think Seohyun has had anything done, but I guess unless she says we can never be sure haha. It doesn't matter in any case because I'm a SONE and love them for more than their appearance.

  • Kiuura - 7 years ago

    I believe, some photos are really showing it, a nose don't change during puberty, not even eyes. So stop denying, I think people who deny are people who are against surgery, I think they are right to do that, now they are beautiful and happier, that's the point. And at the same time, I'm feeling better.

  • Decebeth - 7 years ago

    I dont beleive that Tiffany done a nose surgery,,

  • Taeyeon_ss - 7 years ago

    Girls change always from kid to adult~Please~~~
    They will become prettier when adult~ ^_^
    It's normal for me~ :)
    If they really had plastic surgery I also LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

  • Ninja - 7 years ago

    Actually, Jessica did have jaw surgery. This is because having a 'V' shape face in Korea is considered very beautiful. Jessica also had acne treatment. I dont think Fany got a skin lightening treatment. You can lighten skin lots of different ways! (exfoliating, milk mask, lemon, honey... etc...)
    And sunny... I really dont know

    It shouldnt be a big deal anyway. Its their choice if they want to or not :) SNSD HWAITING!

  • angel - 7 years ago

    I don't Belive

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