Do you think former President George W. Bush didn't know about the racist addendum?


  • Richard - 11 years ago

    Although it may not have been on paper, you can bet it was verbally discussed between the realty agent and the Bush's. I live in Texas and have experienced this first hand. Yet I laugh about it and go on about my business. Its not hurting me that it happens; it's their loss. I just might go somewhere-else and get a better deal on a property that is more attractive and in a far better sub-division "with people living there." To me "race is a sport not having to do with a person's skin tone, ethnicity or nationality."

  • Niece - 11 years ago

    Stupid! Why would you even look up such a thing? You may live in a neighborhood that has the same thing, who looks? I'm sure even he wouldn't look. Why would anyone be so willing to believe the worst about someone like that? Better yet, why would you think any white person in this day and age other than KKK would think or do such a thing? Sad to think you would go through life believing everything democrats say about republicans just to get your vote. We don't hate you!!! And I'm not trying to get a vote so you can believe me! Peace!

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