Should Sandy Hook elementary school be demolished and rebuilt?


  • Stanley Burke - 12 years ago

    Yes the school in Newtown should be demolished and built in a new location. Once demolished there should be a monument in memory of the 26 lives that were lost, there should be life size statues of each arranged in a fashion that reflects the support and comfort that was provided the children by that staff. It should also be classified as a national monument and money should be collected to maintain the monument and the balance of all funds should go to support the Families, first responders and the community and the building of a new school, because each will need support for life. This would also foster national support for the community, because they will continue to need it.

  • David Bailey - 12 years ago

    Obamanation should never spend deficit dollars to replace a perfectly good building. Clean it up and arm the administration so they will never be defenseless again! We need to stand guard and have weapons equal to or greater than the crazy outlaw murderers!

  • Carlos S. - 12 years ago

    As the parent of 2 young children (3 and nearly 5), I feel that if I lost one of my children in such a tragedy, I would not want my surviving child to have to return to the place where their sibling lost their life.
    Also, I'm struggling to understand why if there was a security camera on the building, why was there also a window next to the door? Perhaps if the shooter had had to struggle harder to get in the school, it may have alerted someone sooner and bought more time to call police.

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