The Office of the President has meted a 6-month suspension of Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia after she was found guilty of grave abuse of authority. (Poll Closed)


  • Phil Democracy - 9 years ago

    Wow… big words from “Dianne”, previous tweet… So it takes a SWAT team to remove one unarmed lady… Sounds a little too much to me… She is not a giant (Gwen) but she is only one person with a voice and a mission. The President really needs Cebu under his party and control to try and secure his place in power. Southern and Central Bisayas are fed up with the President. What with all the power cuts in Mindanao, also no autonomy with the minorities there also. Manila is mostly a cesspit, except for Makati, it has been for decades.
    Pretend to be Governor Magpale, gave the staff a nice bribe bonus, whilst the teachers got one third of their counterparts. The armed forces protectors of the Philippines were left out of the Christmas bonuses…
    The Vice President, Binay, Senate President, Enrile, Erap and others are right in who they support. It is a right for us all who and what we support. They call it a freedom of right or democracy. This is what Peoples power was all about, but now what can I say…
    If Aquino was so god damn holy the Philippines would be a better place, but he isn’t. He would rarely take on a political interview as he doesn’t have brain power or will to succeed. You only need to look at the problems in the south china sea within Philippine coastal waters and the Chinese, Aquino’s like an ostrich with his head in the sand and his butt on view.

  • Dianne - 9 years ago

    The GARCIA political dynasty in CEBU must now be very nervous with the present political situation....President Aquino knows fully well the unholy alliance of the GARCIAs and Former President Gloria Makapal-Arroyo who is presently confined at the VMCC under hospital arrest. JUDGEMENT day is long overdue for Gwen Garcia's high handed and arrogant style of management.......Enough is enough......The SWAT should cauterize this Kapit Tuko lady and dispose her in some secluded area like Olango Island where she will have the consolation in the company of migratory birds.

  • Phil - 9 years ago

    If you read between the lines of the suspension served on Gwen and knowing it’s her last term in office you may well see that by installing a governor in from the opposition (LP), it shows that it is a underhand power grab. Gwen and her loyal team have promoted much in Cebu over the last decade, more than I can say about her Luzon counterparts. Manila is still noted to be one of the worst and run down cities in the world. The Cebuano/Visayan people are in realistic terms are the porters and maids of the Luzon power handlers. Yet, what have these Power handlers got to show for the state and slums of Manila.
    The new Governor of Cebu has tried to buy her staff with a 20T bonus, while the teachers of our children only get 10T, and the majority of others get nothing.

  • Weavron Osmeña - 10 years ago

    Gwen celebrates Christmas in her office while her supporters are busy guarding here and sleeping on cartons. See pics.

  • Lady Justice - 10 years ago

    It is undeniable that Gwen had made good projects for the Cebu Province. I commend her for that. However, the usurpation of power is simply not to be ignored.

  • Leon Kilat - 10 years ago

    Gob. Garcia if you love Cebu and the Sugbuanons, please leave the Capitol. Just fight it out in courts. Hindi mabuting example sa mga bata. May kasabihan tayo na "Kung ano ang ginawa ng matanda yun ang gagawin ng bata."

  • vladimir l. paelmo - 10 years ago

    please be reminded that it was in the province of cebu that magellan was killed by a cebuano. the blood of lapulapu still runs in our blood..and we will fight to the last..anyway tatakbo naman kami pag wala ng laban..pero babalik kami ng di nyo malaman. parang movie.

  • raul - 10 years ago

    Binay telling the police to observe rule of law. Police is now filing direct assault against Gwen's son. Paolo is filing robbery charges against police. Shallow! anyway offense is the best defense.

  • maxx - 10 years ago

    Garcia trumpets rule of law. She just have to serve the suspension order and let's see in the next election if she deserves to be entrusted with a public office again.

  • clarence - 10 years ago

    madam Doling Garcia, please set an example to follow the rule of law. you been holding power for so long under this rule of law. anyway, it is so hard to adjust life style wherein for quiet a long time you are surrounded with helpers paid by peoples money and now no more. please face the consequences.

  • Missy Boogs - 10 years ago

    Why cling so much to power in the government? The power of God is mightier, that is who you have to cling on. If you are not guilty of any wrongdoing, let the wheels of justice roll. That's the problem when politicians get used to power, they can't just let go of the fame & power, even if they stink like a skunk!

  • Daniel Shangkuan - 10 years ago

    She must set a good example to the citizenry in her adherence to the rule of law, and seek the legal remedies available to her.

  • Rejtatel - 10 years ago

    She was found guilty after hearing so the decision bears the presumption of regularity. She shld react squarely and seek available judicial remedies not cry wolf. The accusation vs against her is serious she cannot just sweep it under d rug and brand it politically motivated. Enough with the theatrics madam. Just face the music.

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