Who Was the Best Senior Batsman This Season?

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  • Sam Sooppersaud - 10 years ago

    With the thousands of cricket players and cricket lovers (at the least in the NY area) I would think that only 8 took the time out to participate in this vote in an utter disgrace. This is the reason why our cricket is going nowhere: downright apathy. This attitude is contagious: our national body, USACA, has picked up this vein and is apathetic to the developement of cricket, also.
    Come on guys/gals, spend a little time to address the cricket issues.

    Note: I would encourage to follow the situation that USACA finds itself in at this time: being sued by its Executive Secretary, Mr. Kenwyn Williams, in the NY Supreme Court. The hearing is on February 20, 2013. Lend your comments.

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