Should Khloe come back for another season of 'X Factor'?

  • Kathy - 7 years ago

    Khloe sucks!
    Makes me want to stop watching the show!

  • alice - 8 years ago

    Way too tight clothes for her size and too short. she did not good good with handsom he mario.
    By the much botox in her lips

  • momma.of.4 - 8 years ago

    I couldn't take it. She made forward all commentaries because she was such a bad MC/hostess. Never mind her duck faces. I am not wanting to demean her as a person, I just don't believe she is right for the job. She started shaky and didn't end much better, in my opinion. I don't believe her job performance is worthy of her return.

  • dana - 8 years ago

    she is TERRIBLE.....asks ridiculous questions to contestants......she is the worse MC EVER

  • oogie - 8 years ago

    You are terrible - stick to your reality show which I do not watch. She is an eye sore on the show. X factor should have an attractive female celebrity from the music compliment Mario.

  • david - 8 years ago

    She is too fat and looks terrible in the tight clothing. Her legs are too heavy and her skirts too short. Just do not like her.

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