Rikochan's boobs are shrinking. Should she get implants?

  • Kira - 7 years ago

    I have chosen "NO breast enlargement" for good reason, because in your case the skin is in perfect condition. In other cases, loosing much fat tissue or after pregnancy, some women breast is not able to reduce to the old size, the skin is stretched a little over the time, lets say one cup bigger than before.
    Only If your breast is looking saggy in "your" eyes, a very small saline filled inlay would be already enough to do the best job, checking first the size so that it will not stretch the skin further. To heavy inlays only stretching the skin and your breast will start to look saggy again after some years.

  • Blue - 8 years ago

    Your are SO sexy and alluring just the way you are. You don't need any artificial enhancement.

  • Hal - 8 years ago

    I voted NO, but I didn't like the poll choices. 1) I like you the way you are. 2) If you do get implants, please don't get them too large. 3) No matter what you decide, I'm still going to like you. 4) If you don't get implants and everyone in world abandons you (fat chance of that), I'll still be here for you ((just like Seinfeld)).

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