Do you believe Whitney Houston was murdered?


  • Felecia Daniels - 10 years ago

    If her brother gave her drugs first . Why is her family still mad with Bobby Brown ? Get over it people she was still doing drug and they knew it.

  • Precious Williams - 10 years ago

    Whitney Houston had no peace while she was on this earth. Whitney is now resting with our Heavenly Father so regodless to how our father chose to call her home, let her at-least rest now!!!!!!!!
    People are so disrespectful these days, how do you think her family feels hearing these unfounded rumors......
    Rest In Peace Whitney‚̧

  • Sharon Abrams - 10 years ago

    I don't believe that Whitney would've committed suicide our taken drugs that killed her. I Love her but I do believe that she was still doings drugs. This seems mostly is like how she died other than what has been told.

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