Do You Think Principals Should Be Armed?

  • Wynntyr - 8 years ago

    How safe or unsafe can a gun be. Maybe if the teachers had guns the events of the past would not have happened or just maybe not to the extent that they did. If only one teacher, after hearing the shots, could have lain in ambush for the shooter and shot him instead of him shooting all of the innocents. What we need are more TRAINED people caring guns.

  • Cindy - 8 years ago

    I have been a teacher for the last 18 years. The solution is not to arm one person. Principals are out of buildings way to often and if it was a principal then the public would know and they would take out the principal first. You can't just choose one teacher either. They could be absent and what one teacher would want that kind of responsibility. In an elementary school, teachers that want to have a CC should be permitted to after mental evaluation has occured. In a middle school or high school, it would be way to easy for a student to over power a teacher for their weapon. The government needs to suck it up and provide the funding to cover an armed officer in every building. The government is the one that makes the cuts to mental health care and permits anyone to have a gun. They should be the ones that are responsible to make it happen. Something needs to be done though because schools and our innocent children are sitting ducks for this madness.

  • Diana Shultz - 8 years ago

    to Kyle. The principal would be carrying everwhere he went. You don't leave your weapon. I think many people should be educated how to use a weapon. Teachers, janitors, office people, etc. They should do a intense investagation on the people to make sure they themselves are not dangerous, but the more that are armed the less the chances that someone is gonna try to come in and do bodily harm and if they try the less likely they will succeed. Sorry to say but in times like this you do what needs to be done to protect our children.

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    What about the possiability of the one person being taken out before they can retrieve the weapon??? Its not like the Principal can stay in their office all day and not walk away from the weapon before an incident happens? It is sad that this happens :(

  • Jerry - 8 years ago

    Educators should educate not be involved in a gun fight with a crazy shooter. I believe our community would come forward with donations to hire armed security guards who are trained to handle a situation that comes up. A fund drive could be done once a year to raise enough money to pay for each school. It is a shame that it has come down to this but here we are. If a professional security is at each school I believe it would deter anyone from going to the school in the first place. I have made it a part of my routine NOT to go to businesses that do not allow CC people to bring their guns in. I go thru the drive thru at the bank when I can because I would hate to get caught in an armed robbery and no guns were allowed execpt the robber didn't follow those rules

  • Sue - 8 years ago

    Great idea, only thing is I think they should train 2 people cause what happens if the only one trained is absent on a day where God I hope never happens, someone comes in2 the school. So many dif examples of training 2 people

  • Neil - 8 years ago

    The problem isnt guns. The problem is that decent people with guns are outnumbered by psychos and derranged individuals with guns. Allow all school employees to carry. That kid wouldnt have gotten more than two steps in that school.

  • Stuart - 8 years ago

    sorry ** kathy below

  • Stuart - 8 years ago

    I agree with kathy (above)

  • kathy - 8 years ago

    I think any teacher or administrator that wants to have a gun and the training should be allowed. Why limit to only the principal?

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