Will you watch "All My Babies' Mamas" ?


  • Alicia - 10 years ago

    If Yu want to teach some young teenagers wat not to do this would be a great show as far as being a good image for people.then a
    gain it is reality.Yes I would watch it if it airs becuz its sumthin to watch.

  • Dereon - 10 years ago

    All of them look a hot mess

  • Dereon - 10 years ago

    All of them look a hot mess

  • kevin - 10 years ago

    Dumb ass show..

  • Spoaty-Oatie - 10 years ago

    Disgusted of the way we are portrayed as Blacks, especially our Black Men. Now younger guys will glorify this as if having mutplie children by different mothers is cool. I pray my daughter does not become a statistic years from now.
    Be Blessed

  • YeahISaidIt! - 10 years ago

    It amazes me @ times how "Bass Ackwards" these idiots are. Their the main ones who degrade Black Women. To him, having these many "Baby Mamas" is like a showcase/something to brag about--(Until he is made to uphold his responsibilities). It's backwards because these men go around sleeping with any and all types of women (unprotected) and end up getting them pregnant. Then, have the nerve to complain about having to deal with the women and about the fact they have to take care of the children they wrecklessly helped create. Yet, as we all know it's Always The Woman's Fault--right? Speaking of the (Women), it makes me sick to see the ones who will sell their souls for $M-O-N-E-Y$. It's like they lose all self control and respect for themselves on sight of a Dollar Bill. Some will go out of their way to scheme. If they put that effort into actually finding a job, holding it down and building a foundation to stand on their own two feet; there would be no need for such "Hoedom". It's the "I Do What I Gotta Do To Take Care Of My Kids" mentality. It's okay to do what you have to do, but it doesn't mean to Do ANY-DAMN-THING!!!

    I'm done, I've said enough I guess....Just my $.02

  • EducatedLadyC - 10 years ago

    It is appalling that some will do anything for money-even exploit their dysfunctional families. This is a travesty on the Black community when such an occurrence as illegitimate births is celebrated in such bufonnery. The participants of this show should be ashamed of themselves; if theft are not, I'm ashamed form them and feel very sad for the children involved. Now the whole world will know that they are products of bad, uneducated decisions by the ignorant so-called adults in their lives.

  • Yolanda - 10 years ago

    As an African American female born in 1975, there were only 2 married couples in the neighborhood that I grew up in. My generation took it to the next level having babies without even considering how to raise one in the late 80's and 90's. Despite our success in our black communities with black millionaires, CEOs and such, we have seen the devastation of single parenting on our young men and women with over population in prisons and high school drop out rates. We can definitely blame part of it on some institutional racism within our judicial and educational systems. However, we cannot underestimate the power of our African American children seeing a father and a mother loving each other as husband and wife committing themselves collectively under one household to their kids. We know that black women are strong. but we should not have to be this hard. I turned out blessed, my mother went on to get her Master's Degree and so did I. I am a mental health therapist. I am happily married, but had to learn how to really love a man without an escape door. We know that this is oh so the reality in our communities, but's let not put a sensational spin on it so our kids keep perpetuating the breakdown of our black families There is so much positivity in our community to highlight. Let's do a reality show on a married black family with difficulties who push through. They do exist too.
    Love Yolanda.

  • VANESSA ALLEN - 10 years ago


  • Alberta - 10 years ago

    Why can't women get their own man? You wear your own shoes don't ya..guess what sharing a man is EXACTLY the same as Sharing PANTIES..yes girl friend you just as well share Panties! Hand your panties over to a stranger maybe Shawty will like the girl or woman in isle 9 at Wal-Mart.

  • LivingLife - 10 years ago

    and they wander what is wrong with black folk.....we idolize this kinda mess for what?? I would rather watch a father who has ONE baby mama and 10 kids...straight ASHAME of this mess....not a hater, but we need to DO BETTER!!

  • tanjanika brown - 10 years ago

    Sorry u are not TI and this is not the family Hustle!

  • ej - 10 years ago

    Can't wait to see it#DRAMA

  • blue - 10 years ago

    A must see! Grammy Nominated

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