What was the 2012 American Soccer Business Story of 2012

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Poll posted 7 years ago.


  • Matt Johnston - 7 years ago

    NBC is by far the most important business development for the year and future years. NBC did quite well with Arlo White and Kyle Martino. I love the between the benches feel, Martino's knowledge and discretion at talking to coaches during the match, even off air, adds to the coverage. Martino knows when to ask coaches questions, can see what is happening on the benches and it is great. White knows how to call a match and it does add significantly to the feel of the broadcast.

    But what is most important is that NBC Sports is seen on most regular cable packages. NBC marketing knows how to market shows and events. I am looking forward to next MLS season.

  • MrTuktoyaktuk - 7 years ago

    I voted for NBC Sports/MLS but NBC's pick up of Premier League broadcast rights might be worth a mention. With its significant price tag, NBC will be pressed to leverage those rights and that might be a good thing for further promoting growth of the game in the US.

  • daddy o - 7 years ago

    I would say that the proliferation of soccer on American TV is the big business story. With Fox putting games on American TV, NBC getting involved in big time soccer, etc...

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