Has your opinion of Torii Hunter changed after his comment?


  • Dennis - 11 years ago

    At lease the man told the truth, he's not faking, he just dont understand that this is going to happen, and has taken place already

  • Kathy M. - 11 years ago

    We have always been fans of Torii Hunter, but now more so than ever. He is a man of principle who is willing to speak out for Biblical truth rather than be swayed by what we are led to believe is popular opinion or influenced by how his beliefs will affect his own popularity. As Christians, we are thankful to see a fellow Christian stand up for God's absolute and unchanging truth.

  • Definitive - 11 years ago

    This poll is totally skewed. Most of the commenters on the 2 "gay athlete" articles in LA Times are not even sports fans. They are the same "gay rights" activists that flood the LAT discussion boards every an article on gay issues appears. I debate issues daily in LAT forums and recognize the user names of this homosexual extremists...they couldnt care less about sports. They just want to advance their twisted gay agenda.

  • Francis - 11 years ago

    Torii Hunter is entitled to his opinion, and others are entitled to label that opinion bigoted, since it is.

  • Pio - 11 years ago

    Being a Latino, I came to dislike Hunter when he gave his opinion on Latin ballplayers. He said they were taking the spots from black ball players because Latinos played for less money. I'll never forget what he said, "Latino players would play for a bag of Doritos". Gays or Latinos have the right to play on whatever team they want for however much the feel they should be paid. He should mind his own opinions and worry about taking care of his own family, and that promiscuous son of his. Interesting he didn't t have much to say about him when he was accused of sexual assault. Being a Dodger fan, I'm glad they past on him for this exact reason. He's a close minded individual.

  • tee - 11 years ago

    Please spare me the bible crap!! The bible says a lot of things that most posting here are not following including Tori Hunter!!

  • John Alexander - 11 years ago

    The homosexual has the freedom in this country to act out their homosexual conduct (sodomy). Yet the politically correct "gay" supporters speak hatred towards people who are simply expressing their moral and religious opinion/conviction. It's the "gay" community that's intolerant. Christians are not advocating outlawing homosexuality, they're simply stating their opinion. Yet the "gays" and "gay" supporters are indeed attempting to stop (even outlaw) one's speech re their religious view of homosexuals. By the way, "gay" is in quotes because they are anything but gay (happy). Homosexuals have the highest suicide rate among any group of people. Sin causes guilt. Guilt causes sadness, not gayity.

  • johnny - 11 years ago


  • Mez - 11 years ago

    I wouldn't want to shower next to a fag

  • Isidro - 11 years ago

    Homosexuals are not GOD made. They are work of evil. All gays and lesbians should be place in one far away island. so they stop contaminating our world. and our kids don"t have to be part of the disease. BEEING GAY I

  • fresh - 11 years ago

    What direct effect do gays have on you? Probably none. Bible is just a book...far from factual. Gay might be an alternative lifestyle, but dwell on your own life, not theres.

  • Mr. Chef - 11 years ago

    Never compromise on your belief Tory! God wants us to stand firm at all times.

  • your name here - 11 years ago

    if they have a right to be gay, he has a right to his opinion?

  • Donna - 11 years ago

    So let me get this straight. Steve is ok with deviant sexual behavior being protected by government to avoid the oppression of minorities. Therefore Steve sees nothing wrong with minorities such as pedophiles, and people who engage in beastiality and necrophilia and that we shouldn't discourage people who engage in these abhorrent sexual behaviors. Well he certainly is entitled to his demented and sick opinions.

  • Bryan - 11 years ago

    The Bible is crystal clear that homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God! It is a wicked and vile lifestyle! Torii speaks the truth!

  • Gyuntz24 - 11 years ago

    The story fails the balance test of journalism. Why were likely supporters of Torii's position not mentioned? I may not agree with Torii's position but he is honest and holds true to what he believes and I respect him for that.

  • Milo - 11 years ago

    Example of the pot calling the kettle.

  • JDub81 - 11 years ago

    Torii has a God given right to express his opinion regardless of the way he or she feels about it. Is he wrong or right? I do not know. But this is America and he has a right to express his feelings on any issue....you may not agree but please respect his opinion.

  • Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer - 11 years ago

    Hunter was asked a question, and gave his honest answer. You don't have to agree with his answer but you should respect it even if its different than yours. Isn't that what "tolerance" is all about? Try not to be such hypocrites.

  • William - 11 years ago

    He should be praised for standing up for his beliefs and not compromising for the sake of public opinion

  • Steve - 11 years ago

    So let me get this right. Mr. Hunter is ok with gays being oppressed like all minorities have been in this country?

  • JB - 11 years ago

    Why is that peoples bigotry is rewarded?

  • H. Peace - 11 years ago

    I totally agree with Tori on this issue.let them stay in the closet if they are on the team.

  • Faggot Liebig - 11 years ago

    We all know that choosing to be homosexual means one thing: the homosexual wants to engage in sodomy of a male. End of story. It's simply a perverse sexual act. And it's disgusting.

  • kd - 11 years ago

    It's a matter of opinion... if that's his beleif let ot be it doesn't take away the person that he is on or off the fields. Its like journalists opinions half the time they're wrong or biased. We all habe the right to have an opinion and frankly people dont like his. We live in America freedom of speech.

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