Do you think Marotta should be forced to pay child support?

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  • banzai godzilla - 6 years ago

    This issue has been around for a while, (comments one year old). The two parents have done nothing save collect payments, they have done, (apparently), nothing to legally adopt this child and terminate the parental rights of the father. They want the benefits but not the hassles if not responsibilities of the course they have chosen.

    Calling the father a "sperm donor" may be something of a misnomer as well. The insemination was not done by a professional, and, while we don't know how it was accomplished, I have to ask, was it done the old school way? Were both "partners" present?

    If some Joe off the street managed to line up a three-way and one of the participants became pregnant, would the "sperm donor" defense hold up?

  • Me - 7 years ago

    Basically, if the "parents" don't want him to pay, they need to drop the welfare and pay themselves. They can apologize all they want, but I don't hear anything about them paying the back payment (go lesbians, Jennifer and whoever- you guys are geniuses, wish I would have thought of it).
    You can't make your own rules. Creating a life is a huge deal, he should have asked what his legal obligations were before making a baby.

    If the state drops this, they will have to pay for every guys kid, who had a 1 night stand. He'll just sign off and the state can pick up the bill. Think about it, if this has nothing to do with them being a lesbian couple, then lets be fair: If this guy can sign off on his responsibility for a human life, than why can't an 18 year old who "didn't mean to"?

  • Kelly - 7 years ago

    The couple is still together acting as separated parents, both involved in the child's life, MUCH LIKE MANY NON LESBIAN/GAY COUPLES. The issue has nothing to do with the fact that they are gay, (because this would be happening to a non-gay/lesbian couple too), it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that the state decided to make their contract void because they did not use a Dr. for the pregnancy. It has EVERYTHING to do with the state trying to get out of paying what they owe to an American Citizen. They sighed a contract, they ALL agreed that he was only a doner a nothing beyond. It's the State that is causing the problem. Again, this would be happening weather or not the couple were straight or not. There is no reason why the state should decide that the contract is void accept for now it gives them a loop-hole to get out of paying the less than $200/mo welfare.

  • kathy - 7 years ago

    If these women want to acts as parents, they should be held responsible. Lesbians change partners at the drop of a hat. They get hurt feelings and move on to another. This is no way to raise a child. Commentment is not being taught neither is obligation. If they were married it, they would think twice about divorcing and establishing guardianship. I dont belive in gay marraige but maybe it would stop alot of this behavior.

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