Do you think Beck's banning of the President's name is...


  • ann - 11 years ago

    I can't stand when a white person that never had to deal with racism says another person is not racist. Of course you will say that when you are a racist yourself probably. Obama is the most disrespected president. What about the past presidents and other flaws,and unnecessary can you still hear bush voice and he is responsible for thousands of deaths. Unbelievable ....i think we all know the answer to why Obama is hated so much. He stepped out of his lane and brought his family...get over it that black man is running this country whether you like it or not and their are a lot of races that are backing him

  • Ms. SouthFair` - 11 years ago

    I do believe that somewhere long ago I read that Mr. Glen Beck was a relative of President Obama from back in the day when the Master was having sex with the young black girls on the plantation owner by Mr. Glen Beck father, so I understand why Mr. Glen Beck would fire anyone who mention his cousin name President Obama.

  • JB - 11 years ago

    Beck, Shawn well as alot of other Republicans had the chance to run for and hold the same office that the Pres has....why didn't they? At the end of the day, its the racists like them that keep America behind the rest of the world in advancements. We need to focus on togetherness...not seperatism. U guys don't like Obama and his ideas...go out and create...and launch your own campaign!!! It won't work....know why? Because the Presidents ideals are better!!!! America has spoke....get over it!!!!

  • HTJ - 11 years ago

    I voted for acceptable because its his show his rules.. Now, I dont agree with my vote, but it is his show.. Now the No Obama name calling rule is foolish.. and dont like it.. again its his show...

  • Donna - 11 years ago seem to be a pretty smart person, yet your comment is so out of context that it makes you look like nothing more than a dolt.

    Nobody argues that "white supremacy was a nightmare", but the fact that you choose to assume that Beck is a racist---based on the misinformation given by and the racist tone of the writer herself---makes you look like nothing more than the typical left-wing non-thinker who would rather jump on a bandwagon with an ignorant opinion simply to avoid being omitted from the "group".

    Beck is no racist, and you would know that if you didn't choose to react to an obviously biased article written by another uninformed hack with a website.

    BTW, based on the current behavior of our "mainstream media", no one with any shred of decency or intelligence pays much attention to it, nor do they want to be a part of it. Beck has millions of followers and listeners. That means that there are millions of people who agree that our mainstream media is worthless.

  • ava stuart - 11 years ago

    Anytime any conservative can put liberals' shorts into a twist is a good day.

    BTW, someone needs to fact check this error-filled post. I watched this event and your article is filled with misstatements. If Beck was black, I guess you could call that "racist", nay?

  • Richard - 11 years ago

    It appears to me that Beck along with many others in this country prefer to live in a society that no longer exists. White supremacy was a nightmare from the beginning and has failed miserably throughout history. There is not nor has there ever been peace where all ethnicities were not allowed to participate equally in all matters that contribute to a peaceful and productive society.

    The illusion of Beck and others like him is that no person of color is their equal; and should not be allowed to hold office (regardless of its nature). I must agree with their reasoning because people in their right minds don't sink to their level. They live above and far beyond the sickness that is racial prejudice. Remember; Beck is like a spoiled child who's parents refuse to let him have his way and throws a temper tantrum in public seeking sympathy from outsiders. Its ok by me; let Beck and his followers whine and complain. I just hope they realize that the next president might be a strong willed woman who takes it personal when she is attacked by smallminded media and shuts them out of the mainstream. And theres nothing like an ill tempered woman when she peels back the lies and deceit and exposes the truth.

  • William - 11 years ago

    Let me be the first to say. Glen has the right to censor his show. However, to think that loosing a large percentage of you news base (The presidency) would be profitable, is just stupid. I did not peg you as a stupid man. What is the ideology here? You plan to cut off your hand to spite you face. You need both hands (Left and Right) for a balanced existence. All of your talking points will need rehab. to learn how to function properly (thinking, walking, talking, eating, drinking, dressing, driving, associating, and reporting the news.)

    I am ashamed to live in a country where the 1st amendment is both honored and misused. Where we celebrate the freedom of having free speech and then threaten others for excerising those same freedoms. You just confirm what the rest of the world views us as - A Paper & Plastic Nation. Where words and action do not run parallel, they are separate.

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