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  • unirealist - 7 years ago

    I have yet to see DU. I will see it, on the strength of reviews like yours, but I tend to think Tarentino is overrated by his legion fans. Perhaps in the fullness of time I'll re-evaluate that opinion; on first viewing I thought Reservoir Dogs crude and uninspired and on first viewing found Pulp Fiction perplexingly pointless, but sometimes second viewings change my mind--for example with Alien, which initially disappointed me as science-fiction but considerably improved when watched as a horror film.

    The chief attraction about DU, for me, is the appearance of Samuel Jackson. At this point I'm ready to watch anything he puts his stamp on; he could do a training film for Burger King assistant managers and I'd pay for admission. Got a very ordinary film script?--get Samuel Jackson to star in it and elevate it to a great film. As evidence I offer Meeting Evil and Black Snake Moan. He couldn't quite save Changing Lanes, though.

    Thanks for the review; especially for doing your research before setting pen to paper (so to speak).

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