Would You Allow Your Boyfriend Work With Their Ex?


  • Anon - 11 years ago

    They friends they don't even go together,why would she be mad he good friends with Rhi and supporting kae... Take several seats taking stories and running with it..... Oh yeah I forgot to ask what color is his nut? Sucking way to hard.

  • Mz.Lyte&Tyte - 11 years ago

    Since their project been in effect b4 him & Ri-Ri got back 2gthr than they should finish it but they shouldn't be 2gthr alone. I'd rather 4 then 2 work in a public place so there is no "accidents" 2 be made.

  • Olivia - 11 years ago

    No dude or female should work wit an ex he helpin her to get the job done but he grown man can make his own decisions

  • Cherry - 11 years ago

    Business is business.. everyone has a job to do.. its no different than if the shoe was on the other foot.. when Chris and Rih worked on music together while he was with Karrueche there was a big to do about that.. its not that serious.. if you gonna have trust issues then you shouldn't be together anyway.. For me if it were me I wouldn't mind.. At some point you have to learn to separate business from personal..

  • cnwrchll3 - 11 years ago

    I think she shouldn't even worry!!! one !! she should know herself worth as a woman!! If she could go in and pull him out of a relationship why would she not trust him!!! she dont have ro worry about trusting and dont listen to the media!!! they just want to make it bigger then it is. dont listen to the public.don't do as i do!!! do as i say spirit!!! Ri live your life with Chris!!! at the end of the day who really cares. you live once. if by chance its a threesome ROCk it to the wheels come off. dont listen to no one. its your life. we are always here to judge others especially when we are doing the same. blessing!!!

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