Do you think Hardiman will see results using ex-convicts and gang members to stop violence?

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  • Sarah Braison - 10 years ago

    Cease Fire is a part of the solution, not the problem in our communities. They help and not harm by helping young people understand that violence isn't the way to solve the problems they face from day to day. I think that the use of the terms "ex gang members and felons" are used to cast a nagative light on the organization, so that it won't get the support that's needed from those who would give the needed support. All young people have parents who should unite in an effort to pool their thoughts and suggestions on what they think will stop the violence, and what can be done to improve the condition that our young people are in. Our young people don't make guns and they don't product the drugs that are placed in our communities. They need education, training, and jobs to help support themselves. They need the X removed from their records so that some of them can get available jobs. "They" don't want Cease Fire to get credit for doing what "they" couldn't do. We have the power to change things in our community!

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