Which items would you like to see on the mannequins? (Poll Closed)

  • Moria Class-specific Raid gear (currently only available with medallions of Moria)
    130 votes

  • Dar Narbugud Class-specific Raid gear (currently only available with tokens from Dar Narbugud)
    106 votes

  • Ost Dunhoth Class-specific Raid gear (hunter and champion sets currently available as cosmetics, the other classes only with medallions of the North-men)
    141 votes

  • Barad Guldur Class-specific Raid Gear level 65 (currently available at the Classic vendor)
    67 votes

  • Draigoch Class-specific Raid gear (currently available at the Galtrev quartermaster)
    43 votes

  • Isengard Class-specific purple gear (currently available at the Ox-clan camp)
    47 votes

  • Isengard Class-specific Raid gear (currently available at the Ox-clan camp)
    79 votes

  • Isengard landscape gear (currently available as quest rewards and instance drops)
    66 votes

  • Obsolete PvMP Class-specific gear (currently not available as it has been removed from the barters)
    146 votes

  • Great River landscape gear (currently available as quest rewards)
    53 votes

  • Rare landscape drops (please add comment to describe)
    33 votes

  • Rare instance drops (please add comment to describe)
    32 votes

  • Crafted gear (please add comment to describe)
    27 votes

  • Cosmetics (currently availabe at the cosmetics vendor, lotro store or various reputation barters)
    68 votes

  • I oppose the idea of older gear being converted to cosmetics for the lotro store
    57 votes

  • Other (please add comment to describe)
    24 votes


Posted 6 years.


  • Loch - 6 years ago

    I would like to see some of the Dunland armor like the Giard-crus chest and the learher helm of the leaping stag. Stuff like that would be nice.

  • Hatter_of_Bree - 6 years ago

    My first wote would be for obsolete and unavailable clothings - the PvMP, and other stuff.

    After that, anything goes.

  • Carysta - 6 years ago

    I would love to see all of the dresses that are on NPCs be available through cosmetic vendors or the LOTRO store. Some of the rohan looks and elven looks are AMAZING. Save special designs like for key characters of course - those should not be available to everyone - but any other dresses should be ready to go. I saw one on an NPC in Rohan and I forget who it was but if I find her again I'll post a comment. LOVE dresses.

  • TaureDawn - 6 years ago

    Ok my votes are all Class-specific: Moria, Ost Dunhoth, and Barad Guldur. If I could have a 4th vote it would be Obsolete PvMP Class-specific gear.

    I tell ya what else I would LOVE to have in-game is a closet! A way to get the clothing out of my vault and into a better spot. Each character could have say 20 or 30 free "hangers" after that buy the rest of the closet space in the store. This is just a place to store each toon's clothing and would NOT act like the wardrobe but more like extra vault space (and home storage).

    I need my vault for extra storage for my crafting (mainly) plus extra food & potions, weapons, recipes (that I need to level for or that are one time use only), etc... etc...

    I have a thing for cosmetic gear too -- and have to sell clothing or other items sometimes due to lack of vault and home storage space. I have maxed out my main toon's vault space and my alts are trying to save up to open their vaults more - but will still need the room for the reasons/items mentioned above.

    Anyone else wish we could have a closet? Someplace to store all that clothing :D

    Love this website btw


  • Tambookie - 6 years ago

    I really would like to see the Rohirrim (and now Bree) NPC cosmetics turned into player cosmetics. The common dresses, shawls, hoods, aprons, etc.

  • Nenana - 6 years ago

    What I would love to see are the galadrim outfits with the masks! How I would love to own those!

  • Lala - 6 years ago

    All Wyrmscale cloaks!!

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