What's Your Main Reason for Supporting the Second Amendment?


  • David Emerson - 2 years ago

    I selected #2 but really1,2,4,5 all apply.Defence under all conditions, especially since the Courts have ruled that the police have no duty to protect individuals, only the citizens as a whole, a ridiculous concept that only a lawyer could come up with.

  • Bill Sullivan - 8 years ago

    I voted for supporting the Constitution, but there are other good reasons here. I'm commenting because I want to point out the Church of Ireland (= Episcopal/Protestant) church in Galway. A plaque on the wall there lists the things you aren't allowed to sell to the locals (i.e. the native Irish Catholics; the English were conquering colonizers). As you might expect, it included muskets and crossbows, but it also included gunpowder, lead shot, arrowheads, etc., etc. Weapons, in other words. The conquerors and despots always want to keep the peasants disarmed.

  • Brian McMahon - 10 years ago

    Most people don't know that the British stopped all arms shipments to America in 1774 and attempted to confiscate arms in the colonies in 1775. Of course, the founders were concerned about protecting themselves and their families but that was obvious to them. The second amendment is all about the citizenry having the ability to overthrow tyranny.

  • Rocky - 10 years ago

    If ever there was a time, in the history of this country, to support the second admendment, out of fear of tyrannical government. Now is the time!!

    Thousands of guns walked across the border, under government supervision, not a failed mission plan, and no one has answered for it to date. Why haven't heads rolled? The public is lied to time and time again over Benghazi, and heads haven't rolled there either. The public was opposed to the Auto-Maker Bailout, the Bank Bailout, Obamacare, Raising the Debt Ceiling... it hasn't mattered. The government has totally ignored the public's position in all of these matters.

    In repeated attempts to get answers out of Florida Senator Bill Nelson on gun control issues, I get the same canned response over and over and over... "I grew up on a ranch, I have hunted all my life, I support the second amendment, I support the president's Assault Weapons ban. Assault weapons are designed for killing." It doesn't matter what the question is, if you mention a gun in your question, that is the programmed response from his office! If these people are too damm stupid or won't take time to answer a simple question from a constituent they have been elected to represent, we should be scared!

  • kimbo - 10 years ago

    if such weapons exist and someone will have them (military, police), the same right should be extended to me. a human is a human-- a uniform doesn't change that.

  • JC Maps - 10 years ago

    My real vote would have been "all of the above" so my only choice then had to be Liberty. Liberty to keep arms, to defend myself against predatory attack, and to resist tyranny.

    That's what it's all about, isn't it?

  • Douglas Thomas - 10 years ago

    The only constitutional reason is to prevent government tyranny, although four of your possible answers are parts of this same idea since the federal governments only major constitutional responsibility is to defend from enemies foreign and domestic. The surest way to lose the right to the guaranty's of the second amendment is to give up the right to your guns.... as well as your right to the first, third, fourth, fifth.... etc.....! The entire constitution relies on the governed people being able to defend freedom from tyranny. What will the people do after the guns are taken away... tell them NO in a firm voice???

  • Joe - 10 years ago

    I got my concealed carry license because I wanted the politicians to know that I was interested in my constitutional right. It is a shame that exercising your constitutional right requires you to pay fees (a tax to Justice Roberts??) very similar to the outlawed 'poll taxes' that states once required you to pay. I feel that defence from crime is part of my thinking when I carry, and opposition to gov't tyranny is also a part of it.

  • Roy Ferree - 10 years ago

    Since my family is grown and gone, I would use it for the protection of me and my home.

  • Chivas Kern - 10 years ago

    My reason is not listed in your options:

    Because gun ownership is an extension of property rights. Implicit in "property rights" is the right to defend one's property from aggression or molestation by outside forces, be it private crime or government tyranny..

  • Carmen Singer - 10 years ago

    That fact I would be afraid of a societal breakdown implies government tyranny probably led to it.

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