What should we call this new pastry feature?


  • Wendy - 10 years ago

    Trail of crumbs

  • Rhonda - 10 years ago

    Something like, what pastry ought to be, find one each month that holds it's own. If it's Guanduja, it's the best representation of Guanduja around, you have an incredible palate, you excel at that. Just a suggestion, I visit Paris vicariously through you.

  • Pete - 10 years ago

    "Freedom Pastries MMXIIIâ„¢ : You're WELCOME, Pierre!"

    All other names will be rejected.

  • Matt Reynolds - 10 years ago

    Patis-se'rie! LOL. OK, maybe not the best.

  • Xan DeVoss - 10 years ago

    Paris Pastry Manifique 2013

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