Are Black Households To Blame For The Negative Portrayals African Americans On Reality TV?


  • Fulaniyira - 11 years ago

    Well, let see. In the context of Racism (White Supremacy) when it comes to script writing in Hollywood, survey says (pun intended) 95%of most of the screenwriters are White males. White male writers are sought after, solicited, requested time and again for big budget movies, including independent movies and documentaries, and have wholesale positioning in Hollywood to write scripts. Black writers (male or female) are not welcome in Hollywood. If they do, they have to "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." In the documentary on Blaxploitation this was clearly talked about in depth. Now that reality TV has taken a bite into Hollywood on alternative networks, Black TV producers, executives, and black writers seem to be seeking a stake at reality TV and using the Hip Hop and Black entertainment industry to get in on the act. The question is with all the other White themed reality TV shows, why is Black reality tv being dubbed as "Negative"? Whites do not seem to have a problem with how white ethnic themed reality TV shows are portrayed, so why are Black so condescending and negative towards Blacks in the entertainment industry? Who is behind this propaganda? Yet, I don't see anyone addressing the issue of how the regular Black actors are still struggling in Hollywood to get major lead roles in Hollywood? Why is this not the topic of discussion? The reality is that Black actors are still struggling under the Racist regime, still not getting gainful and meaningful work, and still waiting on white male writes to write a black stereotyped person/character for their White male/woman themed movie.

    Blacks are getting into the reality tv inspite of the what it is should not be portrayed as "negative" and still have one foot in the doors of Hollywood and one foot out trying to break the class ceiling of Hollywood. The lives of the music industry or social elite are no different from white entertainment and social elite. White elite, White entertainment, and other non-black have lots of drama, ignorance, and stupidity. For example, Big Ang Show, Snooki's reality TV show, Honey Boo Boo show, etc. Why don't blacks complain about these white themed reality TV shows? In truth Blacks in the cinema business are not able to tap into the mainstream cinema/Hollywood to produce television shows in the areas of drama, horror, action, etc. So, the only doing what they have been taught for decades, in my opinion by white writers. Exploit, exploit, exploit. For example, Blaxploitation films, was the black mainstream cinema's answer to white mainstream cinema. White writers writing stories on a comedic level ("make me laugh nigga") is a given. Question, why during the 80s and 90s Black were always getting killed in the first seconds of the blockbuster movies? Why didn't the white writers write James Evens in Good times television series ever got a good job, never went to college, moved his family into a home, but lived in perpetual poverty, he had to go to another state to find work and died of on the show? Why is it that when major movies about Blacks do come out, most are written by white males (Red Tails, Flight, Training Day, etc.)? White males are always in control of the characters that are portrayed in white media. Historically, White writers have NEVER wrote about blacks male or female in any constructive/positive light. In a white males mind, white males must maintain control how blacks are viewed by whites to maintain their direct and indirect and even abstract Racist views of black people. Therefore, Blacks in the entertainment are responsible for the so-called negative roles that are portrayed, percentage wise I would have to say less that 0.01%. There are a growing number of Blacks who are not exploiting Black deviancy in the entertainment/cinema business.


  • Warren - 11 years ago

    It is quite possible the absence of Black History in our young peoples lives , is the catalyst for not having the same pride we as older adults have shared with the Martin Luther Kings and Marcus Garvey , Malcolm X and so many more influential African Americans . I'm not making excuses for the ignorance we see portrayed on TV , I'm just offering a possible cause . Let us not forget , opportunist come in all races and a opportunist and their actions can be tantamount to prostitution . Prostitutes have no self esteem , some will do what they have to ( in their minds ) to make ends meet , others just like what they're doing and want desperately to take care of their pimp , because of the love he shows to them and we know that's a fallacy and again another example of a opportunist . At my age I was subjected to the bug eyed very dark African American in movies and TV , in school I was subjected to the one book , which was supposed to be a depiction of the African American reality , that book was ' Little Black Sambo " Then there was Ramar Of The Jungle , Tarzan , Amos and Andy , these were all insults to the black family and the image of black people in general . To make a long story short , we have fallen back into a long ago era and for that we should be ashamed , no matter how someone of influence tries to spin the it.

  • mel . - 11 years ago

    Its not only african americans on tv making a fool of themself . I feel that african americans cant do anything without getting judged in some type 0f way . There is always some other race being judgemental. seriously though who are we to judge by the color of somebodys skin. Thats really ingnorant and people need to grow up .

  • lil giant - 11 years ago

    Alot of these low class negroes today just dont have no standards they will always have that slave mentality regardless and will do anything for a few dollars.

  • P Love - 11 years ago


    Why are we being so ignorant as a people to make a buck. We get upset when the N- word is used by others. In my opinion people think it's ok to use it because we get on TV on these shows and act like one. I don't understand how we expect others to respect us and treat us fairly when we don't respect ourselves. If we acted like we have some damn sense maybe we will see more black shows on tv like Martin, Living Single, Jeffersons, Cosby show. Come on people we need to do better. Get this garbage off TV.. Enough DAMN.

  • debi - 11 years ago

    I've asked the question when is Noah going to start building the ark. The times we are living in today take me back to that time in history, when there more evil than good in this world. I feel ashamed to be a member of my race. The entertainment industry seems to be a mentor for our young people today. They re mimicking the rappers , the reality show idiots and the motion pictures that all stand for doing anything wrong ,is the norm today. It's out of control, and it seems to get worse daily. I used to feel as though we as people should have the right to do whatever we please and long as it's within the law, but I've changed my opinion in the last five maybe ten years. Things are really going downhill daily. A people that used to have respect for themselves and others have disappeared. We need to come together and try to regain that respect for ourselves and teach our children the same. Martin Luther King died to gain that respect for us here in America , but the younger generation probably has him rolling over in his grave. Parents take control of your children and teach them respect and honor and pride , after you teach yourself the same.

  • Zakee - 11 years ago

    This generation will do anything for a dollar. They have no idea what we went through to get where we are today. No clue. What a waste.

  • R Sims - 11 years ago

    In my previous comment, I meant "we fell" not "we feel". Apologies for that mistake.

  • R Sims - 11 years ago

    I agree with the 2 previous comments. You can also see this ignorant behavior in the music that is played on the radio. I thought that the "black exploitation" was something that would have faded away with a lot of the movies from the 70's but I see that somehow, someway the black culture will carry this burden for years to come! Who's to blame? We are as black people by tuning into these shows and purchasing this music! Our children are lost and seem to flock to this type of ignorance. We need to revisit our morals and make a stand to not support this type of mess, WE ARE SO MUCH BETTER AND STRONGER THAN THAT. We feel into this type of trap 500 plus years ago and what did it get us?

  • Mom High Expectations - 11 years ago

    I have long felt the disappointment of the endless efforts to display African American in such a poor light. Movies like Boyz in the Hood and Menace to Society shed light on the raging black on black violence in California but reality television has taken us to a new low. Bafoonery at its best! I don't watch that mess but the humanity in me doesn't allow me to watch mess like Honey Boo Boo either. If we stop patronizing foolishness we will get better, more representative programing. We have come along way in Black entertainment but all those baby mamas is bad entertainment black,
    white, Latino or Asian.

  • James E Clark Sr - 11 years ago

    I realize that there is a comedy aspect to most of these shows, and we laugh at those moments. However, the shows, as a whole, are unwholesome for our youth. There's so much content that reflects negatively on black people, as a whole. Are our young ladies to grow up chasing after "men" because of their finances, status, bling? Suffer verbal, mental, physical abuse just to belong to a clique? Curse, display ignorant behaviors in public just because "I got it like that"? And, the young men, are they represented by rappers calling women derogatory names, disrespecting their women, abusing them; having multiple children by multiple women? Is that something to brag about? Is that the manner in which we want our youth to grow up? Are these to be their role models? "Step-n-Fetchit" died years ago. Why can't this buffoonery? We're (Blacks) already viewed in a negative manner by most peoples, need we flaunt that on public TV as well. These shows are getting major ratings from your voyeurist viewing, raising their profit margin dramatically, in which you don't share. Hmmm!! Wake up, Black People. You're always crying about people putting us down but, we're our own worst enemy!! Just saying.

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