Where does woodworking fall on your list of favorite hobbies?

  • Edward Spencer - 6 years ago

    I try to keep myself busy as much as possible rather than sitting in front of the idiot box all the time. In the spring and early summer, I spend my weekends fishing. During the fall and winter, I work in the shop (all supplemented with trips to the gun range). I used to try to spend times doing stuff with the kids, but they are either married and moved or have lost interest in "Dad" things.

  • Chip - 9 years ago

    I have just recently started woodworking after a 40 year career in anesthesia. I also enjoy playing tournament poker in Tunica MS. I am having a difficult time finding a local hardwood dealer. I guess that's part of living in rural west Tennessee. My wife and I also raise champion caliber Tennessee Walking horses. Check them out on our website.

  • Mike W. - 9 years ago

    I'm developing woodworking as a hobby now that the boys are grown and gone. My wife and I really enjoy our touring motorcycle and working in the yard. Not crazy about vegetating in front of the TV, so I'm diving into woodworking - which has always had an interest for me.

  • Adam - 9 years ago

    When its nice outside golf if my number 1 hobby.

  • tauchen67 - 9 years ago

    I enjoy exploring the many facets of woodworking from working with hand tools, power tools, plywood, solid wood, marquetry, inlay, scroll saw work. I plan one day to learn woodturning, carving and other parts of woodworking. I also enjoy stained glass, but i consider that to be like marquetry with glass (very different process, but similar ends)

  • Bill - 9 years ago

    Woodturning is my biggest passion, once a week we have a group that gets together, once a month is our club meeting, and a member of the AAW. When I'm not turning, Photography, woodcarving, travel, family..not really in that order...my wife won't see this right?

  • Phil Collins - 9 years ago

    I really get enjoyment out of my woodworking, but in the summer also enjoy kayaking and trailor camping.

  • Terry Pallone - 9 years ago

    I am busy with music , winter months band is playing until snowbirds leave.
    I take many photo's as I am with 2 camera clubs.

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    Electronics, woodworking, scouts and video games, not in that order, take up my time. What's interesting to me is how the hobbies intertwine. For instance, I built a LED lighting system for our scout trailer with an electronic timing relay, some scrap plywood and some nice teak hardwood flooring.

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